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Scuba Diving in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Expert for this article
Ng Hau Yu
Scuba Diving Instructor
Ng Hau Yu is a passionate scuba diving instructor with more than 10 years of diving experience. He overcame his fear of water by learning to dive and is now dedicated to helping others overcome their fears and discover the incredible beauty of the ocean 🌊✨

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Whether you’re a seasoned diver or you've recently obtained your diving license, being well-planned is important in ensuring your safety. To help you stay organised, here’s a comprehensive checklist that includes a master list of essential diving equipments and key preparations to consider before your dive.

🤿 Check your diving gear:

Your dive gear is your lifeline underwater. Here are the essentials you need to check off your list:

  • Mask, Snorkel & Fins: Ensure these basics fit well and enhance your performance underwater
  • Exposure Protection: Choose a wetsuit for warmer conditions, drysuit for colder environments.
  • Regulator Set: Test for user-friendliness, good fit and functional efficiency
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD): Well-fitting, sufficient lift, easy adjustment.
  • Weight System & Dive Computer: Tailor your weights for buoyancy control and ensure clear readings on your dive computer.
  • Dive Watch: Water-resistant, durable, clear display.
  • Dive Knife/Tool: Reliable, rust-resistant, with a serrated edge for line-cutting purposes.
  • Dive Light: Choose a light with enhanced visibility for dark areas
  • SMB, Reel, Dive Flag, Dive Alert/Whistle, Safety Sausage: Opt for easy to use, visible, and reliable safety gear.

Always check your gear for any leaks or damages and make sure it's well maintained.

🌊 Check dive conditions

Keep an eye on the current dive conditions like visibility, water temperature, currents, and weather. Knowledge of these conditions will help you evaluate the suitability of your chosen dive site.

👥 Buddy system

Diving with a partner is a golden rule in scuba diving. Pick a reliable buddy, check on each other's equipment, and always stay within sight.

📋 Plan your dive:

Dive planning is crucial. Determine your dive objectives, depth limits, and emergency plans. Plan entry and exit points, establish communication signals, and consider contingency plans. Always have a backup plan to tackle unexpected situations.

💦 Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration can help prevent decompression sickness. Drink plenty of water and limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

📸 Responsible Photography

Capture your underwater memories responsibly. Keep a safe distance from marine life and use non-intrusive photography techniques. Use appropriate underwater photography techniques without disturbing the delicate underwater ecosystem.

🚩 Know Your Limits

Be aware of your own diving skills, experience, and limitations. Don’t push your boundaries beyond your comfort level or dive beyond your training and certification. Maintain proper buoyancy control, conserve air, and ascend with a sufficient amount of breathing gas. Always prioritise safety!

📄 Check Local Regulations and Permits

Familiarise yourself with the local regulations and permits required for scuba diving in Malaysia. Compliance with these rules is essential.

↪️ Refresh Diving Skills

Typically, dive centres will offer a house reef dive right at the beginning of your dive program during orientation to indicate your capabilities to the dive master. If it looks like you are familiar and have the right skills to proceed with your dive in the open waters.

🛡️Consider Travel Insurance for your Diving Trip

An essential part of any scuba diving checklist is ensuring you have the right dive insurance coverage.

With Oyen’s annual travel insurance plan, we cover:

Personal Accident
  • Domestic trips: up to RM250,000* for disablement and/or death from a personal accident
  • International trips: up to RM500,000* or disablement and/or death from a personal accident
Medical & Other Expenses
  • Domestic trips: up to RM250,000* for treatments related to accidents and/or injuries
  • International trips: up to RM500,000* for medical treatments, emergency evacuation, and/or repatriation of mortal remains
Travel Curtailment
  • International trips: up to RM50,000* for unused, non-refundable parts of your trip if your travel companion is seriously injured and you need to cut your trip short

Tip from our expert:

For beginner divers, there are three essential tips to keep in mind. First, stay calm throughout your dive to maintain clear thinking and maximize enjoyment. Second, remember to equalize your ears regularly to prevent discomfort and potential injury. Lastly, master your buoyancy control to navigate effortlessly underwater whilst protecting the delicate marine environment. With these tips, you can fully immerse yourself in the dive experience and savour every moment.

🐬🏖️ Be safe and have a fun dive trip!

p/s: If you have questions about Oyen’s Travel Insurance plans, need more travel tips, or just have more questions about our Policy Wording, you can WhatsApp us at +601154211275 💬

*Policy terms and conditions apply.

For the full policy coverage, please refer to Oyen Travel Insurance's policy wording.