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What should I do if my flight is delayed?

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Picture this: you’re at the airport, excitedly clutching your boarding pass, ready to embark on your dream vacation (or rushing for an important business trip), and suddenly, an unwelcome guest arrives — the dreaded flight delay. Cue the sinking feeling and rising anxiety 😨

Don’t worry! In this article, we’re here to guide you when it comes to dealing with those unpredictable flight delays — from soothing your anxiety to navigating the next steps — Oyen’s got your back! 💪

Step 1: Stay informed 📲

Check the status of your flight regularly. Use the airline's website, mobile app, or flight tracking services to stay updated on any changes or delays.

Step 2: Communicate with the airline ☎️

If your flight is delayed, contact the airline's customer service or visit their service desk at the airport. Inquire about the reason for the delay and ask for information on alternate flights or possible compensation.

Step 3: Know your rights ✅

Familiarise yourself with the passenger rights and compensation policies applicable to flight delays. Depending on the circumstances and local regulations, you may be entitled to certain benefits such as meals, accommodation, or even compensation.

Step 4:  Keep records 📝

Document all relevant details, including the flight number, departure time, and duration of the delay. Retain boarding passes, tickets, and any communication with the airline. These records will be useful if you need to file a complaint or claim compensation later.

Step 5: Be patient and flexible ⏳

Flight delays are often beyond your control. Stay calm and be prepared for possible itinerary changes. Cooperate with the airline's instructions and be flexible in adjusting your plans if necessary.

Step 6: Seek compensation, if applicable 💰

If the delay exceeds a certain threshold specified by the airline or local regulations, you may be eligible for compensation. Follow the airline's procedure for filing a claim, providing the necessary documentation and proof of the delay.

Step 7: Consider travel insurance 🛡️

Having travel insurance can provide additional coverage and protection in case of flight delays. Review your policy to understand the terms and conditions related to flight delays and compensation. Contact your insurance provider if you believe you are eligible for a claim.

With Oyen Travel Insurance, we can cover you up to RM4,500*  for your first 4 hours of delay and subsequent 6 hours of delay, and more specifically, up to RM500 for missed events due to travel delay, and up to RM1,000 for any additional pet boarding fees 🐶🐱 incurred!

It’s important to note that the coverage is also subject to exclusions. For example if your travel delay is due to your failure to check in before the recommended time according to your itinerary, or your pet is not boarded at a licensed pet boarding facility, the policy will not be able to cover for the loss. As with any insurance policy, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions of your policy wording.

🎈 Have a safe travel and have fun!

p/s: If you have questions about Oyen’s Travel Insurance plans, need more travel tips, or just have more questions about our Policy Wording, you can WhatsApp us at +601154211275 💬

*Policy terms and conditions apply.

For the full policy coverage, please refer to Oyen Travel Insurance's policy wording.