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Why Waiting to Get Pet Insurance Could Be a Costly Mistake

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Table of content

Why Waiting Even a Few Weeks to Get Pet Insurance Could Be a Costly Mistake

Why be late when you can be early?

Pet insurance is rarely anyone’s top priority when the word insurance is brought up. Some Malasians may not even know of the existence of pet insurance or the benefits it entails. While others may argue that they have yet to subscribe to an insurance plan for themselves, that should not deter furparents from insuring their furkids. 

An insurance plan for your cats or dogs will not only ease your financial burden during unexpected times, it will also enable you to provide the best medical assistance for your furkids when you least expect it. Unlike other types of insurance, the best time to get an insurance plan for your furkid is now - this instance. 

What could possibly happen if I wait to sign up later?

Limited coverage

Similar to our health insurance, any form of illness or injury experienced before the purchase of a policy is considered pre-existing. This essentially means that any illnesses or incidents your pet suffered before they have insurance will not be covered. The longer you wait for the ‘right time’, the higher the possibility for your pet to fall sick. In the end, it could potentially result in the policy having less coverage for your furkid.

Waiting period

Let’s say you’ve signed up for an insurance plan for your pet. You go on with your everyday life until you realise that your pet is acting a bit odd after a day spent outdoors. You go to the vet and they tell you that your pet is sick.

Good thing you’ve got pet insurance! But the bad news is you signed up for a plan only a week ago and the waiting period after signing up is a fortnight long! 

To avoid having to deal with such a situation, pawrents are encouraged to get their furkids insured as soon as possible. Illnesses or injuries do not wait until one is finally convinced of the benefits of pet insurance. 

Turned down

Pet insurance hasn’t been around for as long as human insurance in Malaysia. Hence, elucidating why some Malaysian pawrents are unaware of its existence. This eventually prevents them from seeing the advantages of pet insurance, making these pawrents put off any idea to sign up for a plan at all. 

Oftentimes, pawrents who have little knowledge about pet insurance would wait until it’s simply too late. For instance, a furkid may suffer a physical injury that results in disability or pawrents may wait until their furkids are above the eligible age. In the case of the aforementioned situations, pawrents are bound to face an unwanted experience of being turned down for pet insurance entirely. 

You can never expect the unexpected!

Oyen (Credit: WoofGangTraining&Services)

Let's take Malakai's story as an example. One day, his pawrent found him limping and to their surprise, it worsened the next day. They took him to a veterinary clinic and the vet diagnosed Malakai with soft tissue damage. 

Malakai’s pawrents noticed that he had gotten even quieter and they observed extreme swelling on his paw. He was brought to the vet again for a follow up. After an x-ray was done, the vet ruled out that Malakai sustained a large abscess and fracture on his limping leg. 

How much did his pawrents claim?

Malakai’s injury was a shock to his pawrents but with an insurance plan ready to embrace his fall, Oyen was able to cover for his medications, x-ray, hospitalisation, dressings, intensive care services (iv fluids), wound cleaning, and blood test (Complete Blood Count CBC). In the end, Malakai and his pawrents were able to claim as much as RM1,627.02!

 Conclusion: Be aware, be prepared!

Signing up for an insurance plan for your pet should be done when they are young, energetic, and healthy. The earlier they get their policy, the less likely it is for you to pay costly vet bills out of pocket.

Pet insurance entails more pros than cons for both pawrents and furkids. One would simply have to choose a plan that best suits their pet to be able to partake in extensive medical coverage and a waiting period that can be completed briskly. 

Wait no longer! Begin you and your pet’s journey with Oyen today- PAWRENTS, YOU ARE NOW AWARE. SO, LET’S PREPARE!