The Most Unexpected Vet Bill - Accidents

Miniature Poodle
Kuala Lumpur
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July 13, 2022

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What happened?

Malakai was found limping and he had his right paw held up. The next day, he became quiet and the limp got worse.

The vet checked the paw and ran an X-ray to rule out a fracture.

Which vet did the furparent go to?


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Diagnosis & What Happened:

There was no fracture so the initial diagnosis was that Malakai had soft tissue damage. However, after a few days, the paw continued to be swollen and became even more sensitive.

He was brought for a follow up at the vet and was recommended to stay in the hospital overnight for further analysis. He was found to have a big abscess on his paw and it had to be cleaned and dressed daily, alongside medication.

What did the furparent claim from Oyen Pet Insurance?

🧑🏽‍⚕️Consultation Fee


🎞Radiology (X-Ray)



❤️‍🩹Intensive Care Services (IV Fluids)

⛑Wound Cleaning

🩸Blood Test (Complete Blood Count CBC)

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