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What’s New at Oyen: 2024 Pricing Adjustment & Expanded Breed Coverage

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Table of content

English Version

Hi Oyen Fam,

Kevin here, alongside my Co-Founder, Michelle, and our partner-in-purrs, Sir Oyen (@sir.oyen), reaching out to you all from the heart of our community.

Reflecting on our journey together, we've celebrated many milestones, navigated through challenges, and shared an immeasurable amount of love and care for our furkids. As we continue to grow and evolve, I want to bring you into the loop on some important updates and thoughts about our future.

Celebrating Our Achievements

Thanks to your unwavering trust and support, we've reached a new pinnacle of providing RM300 million in pet insurance coverage, spanning an incredible variety of 160 breeds. We have also paid millions in pet medical claims over the last 3 years.

Luna still tops the charts as the most beloved name among our insured furkids, and we've stood by your side for everything from common illnesses like skin condition, diarrhoea, flu and fever to the more chronic and complex treatments like heart disease, kidney, urinary issues, chronic viruses and surgeries due to fall and even cataract treatment. It's been a privilege to pay out millions in ringgit of claims, ensuring your pets receive the care they deserve when they need it most.

Navigating Growth and Change

With growth comes the responsibility to adapt and ensure our community's sustainability. Our mission has always been to offer more than just insurance; we're here to build a supportive, caring community for pet parents. This commitment to you and your pets has prompted us to re-evaluate how we can continue delivering on our promises in an ever-changing world.

A Necessary Step Forward

To sustain our shared vision and commitment to top-notch care, our insurance partner, MSIG Malaysia, have had to adjust our pricing structure. In fact, many of you that we’ve met and spoken, to whether on the phone or in person at pet exhibitions, have also been surprised that Oyen has been offering a flat pricing structure the last 3 years.

This decision that we’ll be sharing has been made after careful consideration (which has been almost a year in the making), is influenced by the rising costs and our dedication to fair and comprehensive pet protection.

From 3 May 2024*** onwards, Oyen’s premiums will be adjusted and structured based on age and breeds of pets.

This will be applied to new pets joining the Oyen Fam from 3 May onwards as well as renewals with your renewal policy start date sstarting 3 May 2024***.

  • Why Adjust Prices? Since our inception in April 2021, we haven't revised our prices, even as we've expanded our coverage to RM300 million across 160 breeds. Like every single business across the world, we're facing the realities of inflation and increased operational costs. Adjusting our prices is essential to maintain the high-quality service you've come to expect and ensure the long-term viability of our community.
  • Good News For German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler Pet Owners: Beginning 3 May 2024, we will be able to cover these 3 new breeds of pet dogs who were previously not eligible for coverage. We hear your feedback and pushed our insurance partner really hard to get them included in our plans. Do refer to our policy details on conditions for these breeds to be allowed coverage.
  • Our Commitment to Fairness: It's all about ensuring that every member of our community contributes fairly, reflecting the genuine cost of providing comprehensive care. This means taking into account the diversity of our furry family members, from age to breed, to keep our pool strong and supportive for everyone.
  • What This Means for You: We're here to support you through these changes. Our team is ready to answer any questions and help you understand what this means for your pet's coverage. We're committed to transparency and support as we navigate this transition together.

Looking Ahead

Change is a constant, but our direction remains the same: to redefine pet care, making it accessible, equitable, and filled with compassion.

Your Vital Role

Your trust, stories, and feedback are the important to us here at Oyen. As we step into this new chapter, your understanding, patience, and honesty are invaluable. Together, we're not just offering insurance; we're nurturing a community that uplifts and supports each other through every step of pet parenthood.

Next Steps for Our Community

  • For Future Oyen Fam Members: We’re extending a warm welcome to those considering joining us. You have until May 3rd, 2024, to register for our plan at the current price, subject to our policy terms and conditions. If you register a plan with us before 30 April 2024, use the code FINAL10 to receive RM10 Touch & Go cash back (T&C’s apply). It’s a golden opportunity to become a part of the Oyen Fam under the current pricing structure.
  • For Our Existing Family: To our current Oyen members, you will notice adjustments in your policy to more accurately reflect your pet’s age and breed upon renewal. We’re also introducing a supersized cashback offer for those with Policy Start Dates beginning 3 May 2024 to help offset some of the premium increase. Plus, our No Claims Discount of 5% - 15% will continue to reward your commitments. Do check your emails for the details.

If you need any help, you can always reach out to our customer service team for more details about the cashback offer and we’ll be more than happy to help and support you.

In Closing

Our path is one where we will walk together, as a community dedicated to the well-being of our pets. This decision is a step towards ensuring we can continue to provide the love, care, and protection your furkids deserve, now and into the future.

Thank you for your trust, your voices, and your continued support. Here's to many more milestones, wagging tails, and contented purrs.

With gratitude and warmest wishes,

Kevin Hoong and Michelle Chin

Co-Founder & CEO, and Co-Founder & COO

(and Sir Oyen, the Chief Mischief Officer)


Bahasa Malaysia

Hai Keluarga Oyen,

Apa khabar semua? Ini Kevin, bersama partner Saya Michelle, dan si bulus kami, Sir Oyen (@sir.oyen), nak berkongsi sikit cerita dan berita penting dengan anda.

Melihat balik perjalanan kita, penuh dengan kenangan manis, cabaran sana sini, dan tentunya, kasih sayang tak terhingga pada si bulus yang di bawah perlindungan Oyen. Sambil kita terus membesar dan berkembang, ada beberapa perkara penting yang saya nak kongsikan tentang arah tuju kita.

Pencapaian Oyen Dalam 3 tahun

Syukur alhamdulillah, dengan sokongan daripada kamu semua, kita dah capai tahap baru dengan menyediakan liputan insurans pet bernilai RM300,000,000, dan kini kita melindungi 160 baka berbeza. Nama paling popular masih Luna – agaknya ramai peminat Sailor Moon kat sini, kan? Dan kita sudah banyak membantu, dari rawatan biasa hingga pembedahan besar seperti katarak, FIV, FIP, FLUTD, sakit buah pinggan dan banyak lagi. Memang berbaloilah dapat bantu jutaan dalam tuntutan, memastikan si bulus kamu semua dapat penjagaan yang terbaik.

Masa Untuk Berubah

Dengan pertumbuhan, kita perlu sesuaikan diri untuk pastikan komuniti kita kekal mampan. Dari awal lagi, Oyen bukan sekadar insurans; kita nak bina satu komuniti yang saling menyokong. Dedikasi kita kepada pets dan pemiliknya mendorong kita untuk berfikir semula cara kita dapat terus menepati janji dalam dunia yang sentiasa berubah ini.

Langkah Maju yang Perlu

Untuk mengekalkan visi bersama dan komitmen kami kepada penjagaan terbaik, kami berhadapan dengan keperluan untuk menyesuaikan struktur harga kami. Sebenarnya, ramai di antara anda yang telah kami temui dan berbual, sama ada melalui telefon atau secara peribadi di pameran haiwan peliharaan, juga terkejut bahawa Oyen telah menawarkan struktur harga rata selama 3 tahun yang lalu.

Keputusan yang akan kami kongsikan ini telah dibuat setelah pertimbangan yang teliti (yang hampir setahun dalam pembuatan), dipengaruhi oleh peningkatan kos dan dedikasi kami kepada perlindungan haiwan peliharaan yang adil dan menyeluruh.

Mulai 3 Mei 2024* ke depan, premium Oyen akan disesuaikan dan dibina berdasarkan umur dan baka haiwan peliharaan. Ini akan dikenakan kepada haiwan peliharaan baru yang menyertai Keluarga Oyen mulai 3 Mei 2024 serta pembaharuan yang tarikh bermula pada 3 Mei 2024.

Kenapa Perlu Sesuaikan Harga?

Sejak mula dari tahun 2021, kita tak pernah ubah harga untuk customer baru walaupun liputan kita dah merangkumi RM300,000,000 untuk 160 baka. Macam banyak dari kita, kita menghadapi inflasi dan kos operasi yang meningkat. Penyesuaian harga ni penting untuk kita teruskan servis berkualiti yang anda harapkan dan memastikan komuniti kita kekal untuk jangka panjang.

Kita berazam untuk pastikan setiap ahli komuniti kita sumbang secara adil, mencerminkan kos sebenar menyediakan penjagaan menyeluruh. Ini bermakna mengambil kira pelbagai faktor, dari usia hingga baka, untuk memastikan kolam kita kuat dan menyokong semua orang.

Apa Maknanya Untuk Pelanggan Oyen?

Kita di sini untuk bantu pelanggan Oyen melalui perubahan ini. Team kita sentiasa bersedia untuk jawab sebarang pertanyaan dan bantu anda faham apa maknanya perubahan ini untuk coverage pet ad semua. Kita berkomitmen untuk jadi telus dan menyokong semasa kita melalui peralihan ini bersama-sama.

Langkah Seterusnya untuk Komuniti Kita

  • Untuk Bakal Ahli Keluarga Oyen: Kepada yang tengah fikir nak join kita, ini masanya. Anda ada masa sampai 1 Mei 2024, untuk daftar plan kami pada harga sekarang, tertakluk pada terma dan syarat polisi kami. Untuk pelanggan yang berdaftar sebelum 30 April 2024, gunakan code FINAL10 untuk dapatkan cashback Touch and Go RM10 (T&C apply). Ini peluang emas untuk jadi sebahagian dari keluarga kami dengan harga yang ada sekarang.
  • Untuk Keluarga Kami Yang Sedia Ada: Kepada ahli Oyen yang sedia ada, ada sedikit penyesuaian pada polisi anda yang akan lebih mencerminkan usia dan baka pet anda. Tapi, kita juga menawarkan 'cashback' untuk mereka yang renew pada tahun 2024 untuk bantu kurangkan sedikit beban kenaikan premium. Dan jangan lupa, diskaun NCD dari 5% hingga 15% masih berlaku, bergantung pada berapa lama anda tak buat tuntutan.


Kita semua dalam ni bersama. Keputusan ni langkah untuk pastikan kita dapat terus sediakan servis yang mantap, jagaan, dan perlindungan yang furkids anda layak dapat, sekarang dan masa depan.

Terima kasih sebab percaya, bersuara, dan terus menyokong. Mari kita teruskan perjalanan ini bersama, penuh dengan lebih banyak pencapaian, kibasan ekor, dan dengkuran.


Kevin Hoong dan Michelle Chin

Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Founder & COO

(dan Sir Oyen, Ketua Pegawai Kecoh)




Kevin在此,与我的联合创始人Michelle以及我们的“喵星人合伙人”Sir Oyen (@sir.oyen)一起,真诚地跟大家问好。









  • **为什么要调整价格?**在过去三年里,尽管面对成本上升,Oyen始终没有调整过价格。无论是哪个品种,哪个年龄的宠物,我们都提供了统一的保费。但现实是,兽医的医药费用一直在增加,而我们希望继续提供优质的服务而不牺牲服务质量。
  • 给德牧、杜宾和罗威那带来的好消息: 自2024年5月起,我们将能够为这三个狗狗品种提供保障,这些品种之前是不符合保险条件的。我们听到了大家的反馈,非常努力地推动我们的保险合作伙伴,让他们能够被纳入我们的计划中。请参考我们的保单细节,了解这些品种被允许覆盖的条件。
  • 公平对待每个家庭: 因此,我们决定根据宠物的品种和年龄来调整价格,这样会对各位更公平,也能确保我们社区的长期健康和发展。这也是为了可以更好地服务大家,确保我们能够持续提供高标准的保护和关怀。简而言之,这次价格调整是一个必要的步骤,旨在让我们的服务更加公平、可持续,同时保证质量。
  • 对你有什么影响?: 我们在这里支持度过这些变化。我们的团队随时准备回答任何问题。






  • 新家庭: 欢迎加入!在5月3日之前,你们还可以享受现有的价格哦。
  • 老朋友: 5月3日到期续保的会有新的调整,但我们有返现等你。5-15%的“无索赔折扣”仍然有哦!



Kevin, Michelle 和 Sir Oyen

*Policy terms and conditions apply
**The range provided is an estimation and the amount could vary. Oyen reserves the right to update pricing from time to time.
***Official date of adjustment may change

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