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How This Dog Owner Saved RM5,000 in Vet Bills with Pet Insurance

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Table of content

Do you know how much you are spending on vet bills each year? Are you financially prepared for any pet health-related emergencies?

A typical pet owner in Malaysia spends on average RM750 per year on general vet medical expenses. That doesn’t include accidents or unexpected illnesses, which could easily add up to thousands in vet bills.

For dog owner Annie** and her furbaby Jazz**, their medical bill would have cost them thousands… but with pet insurance, they only paid less than one-third of the original cost!

Here’s how.

The dog was diagnosed with cataract...

Jazz, a 6-year old Shih Tzu was diagnosed with bilateral cataract, a medical condition that causes degenerative vision loss. 

She needed urgent medical attention as her vision was worsening over time and could potentially lead to blindness.

Jazz was given lanosterol eye drops as medication and was scheduled for a cataract eye surgery. However, Jazz experienced bronchitis and gastric issues shortly after. 

She was treated for these issues before undergoing the eye surgery.

The question is: How much was Jazz’s medical bills? Over RM7,000.

If we look at some of the vet receipts we’d received, the cataract surgery alone cost over RM2,500

That doesn’t even include ICU services, hospitalisation, and other necessary fees - all adding up to RM7,000! 

Check out the vet receipts for the surgery itself below. 

You might also be shocked to hear that the lanosterol eye drops made up a big chunk of the bill. This single thumb-sized bottle of medicine cost RM1,600! The eye drops are a nonsurgical treatment for cataract, but if they do not work, typically the dog will be required to undergo surgery.

But with pet insurance, Annie was able to claim for the majority of the vet bills including:

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Consultation
  • Laboratory tests
  • Hospitalisation fees and more

How much did Annie claim from her pet insurance?

Annie purchased the Dog Plus plan from Oyen with RM5,000 in vet medical cost coverage.

How much did Annie get to claim from Oyen so far? RM5,000 in total costs, which is the maximum limit of the policy coverage she purchased. 

In other words, Annie gets to save up to 70% in vet medical bills (as Jazz has hit her limit) simply because she was wise enough to purchase an insurance plan for her dog earlier! 

More importantly, Annie could afford Jazz top-quality medical treatment as having pet insurance meant that she did not have to worry about being unable to afford the medical fees.

Is pet insurance really worth it in Malaysia?

I don’t need insurance, my pet is perfectly healthy. After all, what are the chances of my pet falling sick?

That’s what every pet owner thinks until it actually happens to their pet. Some Malaysian pet owners reported spending as much as RM5,000 on vet bills in merely 5 weeks.

Are you prepared to spend thousands of ringgit at a moment’s notice if your pet runs into any accidents or illnesses? 

It’s always best to plan for these things in advance so that you are financially prepared.

Pet insurance providers like Oyen allow flexibility to submit claims from ALL registered vet clinics in Malaysia, so you’ll have access to the best healthcare options for your fur baby.

How much value do you get out of pet insurance?

Let’s break it down — for example, Oyen’s Cat Plus plan costs RM399 per year and has an annual vet medical limit of RM5,000. 

This means that for just (roughly) RM1 per day for 1 month, you can always have peace of mind for your pet’s health and claim up to 12x the original cost!

Don’t put yourself in a position of having to choose between sacrificing your pet’s health or your finances. Remember that it’s better to get insurance earlier rather than later as pet insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

Oyen can be used at all registered vets and has the highest vet medical coverage in Malaysia, up to RM8,000 per year.* Check out this guide for everything you need to know about Oyen Pet Insurance.

*Policy terms and conditions apply

**Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the parties involved