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Everything You Need To Know About Oyen Pet Insurance: Coverage, Vet Panel, Pricing Plans, Exclusions

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Table of content

Oyen is a digital-first insurance platform for pet cats and dogs which offers the highest vet medical coverage in Malaysia of up to RM8,000. This RM8,000 can be used for claims on surgery, medication, follow-up treatment and more! 

Do I really need pet insurance?

It is estimated that a typical pet owner in Malaysia spends about RM750 a year on average on regular medical expenses, excluding emergencies or illnesses that are more serious. If your pet runs into any unexpected illnesses, it is not uncommon to rack up vet medical bills in the thousands.

Your pet may fall sick and accidents may happen when you least expect it. Pet insurance provides peace of mind that you can afford to give your furbaby the best treatment at all times.

If accidents occur, you don’t want to be in a position of having to choose between your best friend and your financial security.

Why should I choose Oyen Pet Insurance?

  • Highest vet medical coverage in Malaysia
  • Can be used at all registered vets in Malaysia
  • Quick and seamless sign-up
  • Very easy to claim

What does Oyen Pet Insurance cover?

The policy limit and coverage depends on the type of plan you choose. We offer three different plans for dogs and cats: Basic, Plus and Champion.

All plans cover three major categories under Oyen Pet Insurance:

1) Vet Bills

Oyen covers unexpected vet medical costs, such as illnesses, accidents and injuries.

Do note that all claims for vet medical costs are subject to a 90% reimbursement rate. This means that Oyen will cover 90% of the vet medical bill while the policyholder will bear the remaining 10% of the fees from each claim.

The policy limit ranges from RM3,500 to RM8,000 and includes:

  • Vet Fees and Surgical Fees
  • Diagnosis and Blood Test
  • Clinic Overnight Stay
  • Prescribed Medication
  • X-Ray / Ultrasound
  • Follow Up Treatment

2) Farewell Costs

Oyen covers burial and cremation costs from service providers up to RM1,000 when your pet passes away. 

3) Third Party Liability

Oyen covers any costs incurred in the event that your pet causes accidental damage or injuries to others and/or their properties. We will cover medical, legal and damage fees up to RM50,000.

Do note that pet insurance does not cover routine or scheduled treatments such as vaccines, spaying/neutering, health check-ups or dental treatment.

Oyen customer Jehan Omar, Proud Parent of Siti Kylie and Nurul Kendall

Is my pet eligible for Oyen Pet Insurance?

Oyen accepts all breeds of kitties (including mixed / cross-breeds) to be insured with us.

We are able to insure most dogs but unfortunately, we are not able to insure certain dog breeds that are restricted or banned according to the list by the Department of Veterinary Services

Other eligibility criteria are:

  • Pet's Age: Must be aged between 12 weeks to 10 years
  • Pet's Health Condition: Must be free from injury or physical disability
  • Location: Must reside permanently with you and be under your care at all times. 
  • Job: Must not be a working dog (i.e. a pet that is used to perform practical tasks, as opposed to being a pet or companion)
  • Licensing: Duly licensed by the relevant authorities (though we do not require submission of license for the insurance)

Which vets can I claim from?

A common question we get asked is “What’s your vet panel?”

We do not have a panel as Oyen Pet Insurance can be used at ALL registered vets (with an Annual Practising Certificate) in Malaysia on a pay and claim basis.

How much does Oyen Pet Insurance cost? 

Our cat insurance plans start from as low as RM32/month* up to RM51/month*. Find out more about the pricing plans for cat insurance in Malaysia.

Dog insurance plans start from RM51/month* up to RM80/month*. Find out more about the pricing for dog insurance.

Or alternatively, go for annual plans - which is 28% cheaper than monthly instalment plans!

Oyen customer Alex Le, Proud Parent of Jude

What do I need to prepare before signing up for Oyen Pet Insurance?

If you’re wondering whether your pet needs to get a medical checkup to sign up for Oyen Pet Insurance - the answer is nope, it’s not needed!

Here are the things we do require:

  • Dog Microchip
Example of how a microchip looked like

We require dogs to be microchipped in order to be insured. The microchip serves as a unique ID for your pet and helps to recover your pet in case they go missing. More importantly, getting microchipped does not cause pain or harm to your pet. It is similar to getting blood drawn and only takes a few seconds.

Tip: Our Dog Plus and Dog Champion plans include a free microchip for your doggy! If you decide to go with the Dog Basic plan, you can purchase a microchip from Oyen’s Shopee Mall store. Do note that even if the microchip is free, it still has to be administered by a vet at a nominal cost.

  • Cat Vet Medical ID / Vaccine Card
Example of vet medical card ID

For cats, instead of a microchip, we will require a vet medical ID. It is a document (usually a physical card) to show proof of ownership of your pet cat. 

Typically, a vet will issue it after vaccinating your cat, and you will need to fill in the necessary information on your card for your vet clinic's record.

How do I sign up for Oyen Pet Insurance?

As a digital-first platform, we make it easy for you to get your pet insured online in minutes.

You can sign up in 5 simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Get Quote’
  3. Fill up basic information about your pet
  4. Declare any past injuries and medical history
  5. Pick your preferred plan and make payment online

That’s it - simple!

When is the best time to get pet insurance?

The answer is… when your pet is healthy.

This may sound strange at first, but do hear us out! The reason is, insurance covers unexpected illnesses, injuries and emergencies.

If an illness happens before your furbaby is insured, this means that it is considered a 'pre-existing condition' and this condition is no longer insurable - just like any human health insurance! 

To ensure that you always have peace of mind and that your pet continues to receive the best care, do consider getting pet insurance!

If you have any further questions or need assistance with signing up, please do not hesitate to email or WhatsApp us at +60 16-299 6840 (9am-5pm on weekdays).

Click here to visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

We look forward to welcoming your furbaby to the Oyen family!

*Policy terms and conditions apply

We are an authorised insurance agent of MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd.