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Dog Training 101: How To Train & Best Trainers in Malaysia

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Table of content

A dog is a man’s best friend. I am sure we feel all warm and bubbly inside when we look at them (even when they are not doing anything). How can we not? They are loyal, protective, cuddly and do I have to mention their waggy tails when they are excited? Urgh, what’s not to love!
Yes, it’s nice and all but let’s picture this together. How would you feel if your dog poops everywhere? How about you coming home to your favourite couch being bitten to shreds? Not that cute anymore, huh? 

What is dog training?

Training your dogs means teaching your dogs to act in a proper way. This varies enormously according to different people. Perhaps you would like your dogs to be potty trained and know how to shake hands? Or do these little tricks where they roll over or pretend to be dead when you fire a shot from your fake finger gun? It could be really basic obedient skills too, like sitting, leash walking, going back to the crate, the list is endless! But you get the idea. It is to teach them good manners.

What is the purpose of dog training?

Dog training or puppy training is essential when it comes to building a relationship between a doggo and its owner. Untrained dogs could struggle when it comes to socialising and become extremely stressed or anxious. They might not be able to interact with your friends, family or even other dogs in social situations. Not to mention the stress and anxiety might cause behavioural problems and diseases

Different types of dog training

There are so many types of dog trainings out there but here are some popular ones that might interest you.

1. Obedience training

This is one of the most common training and also the most basic ones. Just like the name, obedience training is to teach your doggos to understand and follow simple commands. There are 7 universal commands for them to master in order to become a good canine citizen. They are sit, stay, down, come, heel, off and no. 

2. Behavioral training

Another common training that is quite popular among dogs who have behavioral problems is behavioral training. Some common bad behaviours would be excessive barking, biting, digging, being aggressive and much more. Behavioral training focuses on unlearning the unwanted behaviours and enabling good behaviours so your dog can bond with you, your friends and family as well as other dogs.

3. Agility training

Agility training is the kind of training that teaches your dog to run through obstacle courses. The challenge here would be for you to command your dog with your voice and hands only rather than a leash. Dogs that went through agile training are usually much fitter and shows significant reduction of boredom related behaviors like digging or destroying things around the house. 

How long does it take to train a dog?

I am sorry my fellow dog lovers. There really is no specific timeline. But, on average, basic skills will take around 1.5-3 months and even up to 1 year if we are talking about fully trained skills. Now before you roll your eyes, let me just remind you, this is just the average! Who knows if your dogs learn faster than the average? *winky wink*
There are also some variables that could impact the timeline; we are talking about how much time are you willing to invest (hint: the more the better!), how skilled you are (join a dog training class!), your dog’s temperament (calm or over friendly). Then again, there is no need to put a number on it. Just enjoy the process! :)

What are the possible consequences of untrained dogs?

I think almost all of us consider dogs as our family members, which they are. Don't get me wrong. But dogs are “pack” animals and are guided by their own social structure. It is fact that they seek leadership and are very attuned to the discipline laid out by their leaders. So what happens when they do not sense any leadership from their owners? Their instinct will drive them to take charge instead and that’s when behavioral problems surface. 

Can dogs of all ages be trained?

Absolutely! Even though it is true that puppies are more malleable and pick things up faster, that doesn't mean adult dogs are a lost cause. Adult dogs in fact are easier to train because compared to the little pups, they have more self-control and a longer span of attention! Not to mention, training older or ageing dogs can help them immensely because just like humans, they have to stay active and engaged. So, please don’t overlook our big bois and gurls when it comes to adoption. Give them a chance. *cue puppy eyes*

Dog training centre/school in Malaysia

Let’s face it. Training your dog is a big project. It requires time, energy, love and most importantly, LOTS of patience. It is not an easy task! However, fret not! There are dog training centres in Malaysia that can help you. I have compiled a few with reviews of more than 4.5 out of 5 stars for you!

Dave Teoh Academy

Services provided:

E-K9 Dog Training

Service provided:


Service provided

Puppycom Dog Training School 

Service provided:

Puppyschool Jaya One

Service provided: