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8 Best Dog Collar & Leash in Malaysia

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Table of content

A dog collar and leash are essential accessories for a pet dog. A dog leash allows you to have better control over your dog, while a dog collar provides pertinent identification information for your dog.  

Which collar is best for your dog? 

So how do you decide? Firstly, measure the size of your dog's neck to find a collar that fits the best. This is essential because if the collar is too tight, your dog may feel a substantial amount of pain and also discomfort. In contrast, a loose fit may cause objects to get stuck in between the collar or have your dog break free from its collar.

Next, you should also consider the material of the collar. Some materials may cause irritation or allergic reactions. So it would be best if you chose a dog collar made of materials (i.e., nylon, leather, etc.) that your dog is known to tolerate in the past. 

Let’s have a look at the best dog collars and leashes you can get in Malaysia for your dog! 

1. POODEE Anti Flea Prevention Dog Collar

Image source: Shopee

This is one of the cheapest yet good-quality dog collars in the market. With a 5-stars rating from over three thousand happy customers, this collar is guaranteed to give you value for money.

The non-toxic medical plant preparations coat of this dog collar also kills fleas, mites, and ticks. Moreover, this product has many reviews on fast delivery too. So you can expect to get your hands on this dog collar within a few days of placing an order!

Suitable for: all dogs above 4 months 

Price range: from RM 1.55

Where to buy: Shopee

2. Bayer Anti Flea & Ticks Kiltix Collar

Image source: Shopee

This medicated dog collar is manufactured by Bayer, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Though these dog collars are smeared in propoxur and flumethrin solution, they are odorless and non-greasy. 

After fitting, a continuous release of the low-concentration medicated solution will be distributed throughout your dog's skin and coat. Therefore, this dog collar can adequately protect your dog against tick and flea bites or infestation for up to 7 months. 

Remember that this dog collar may cause slight itchiness during the first few days of fitting. However, if the itchiness persists or your dog experiences other side effects, meet a veterinarian immediately. 

Suitable for: all dog breeds 

Price range: from RM 30

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Joules Coastal Dog Collar

Image source: Ride-away

This dog collar by Joules is made from a combination of nylon and hard-wearing leather. As a result, the collar is sturdy and highly durable. That being so, this dog collar is recommended for active dogs to prevent easy tearing or damages.

Moreover, these striped collars come in four different sizes (up to XL!) to fit pups of all shapes and sizes.

Suitable for: all dog breeds 

Price range: from RM 51

Where to buy: Ride-away // Amazon

4. Typo Dog Collar

Image source: Typo

If you're looking for something trendy for your pup, this dog collar is a perfect choice! These dog collars come in three different aesthetically and visually pleasing variations. Furthermore, this dog collar has neoprene padding, a uniquely engineered material that offers more comfort, flexibility, and durability. 

The D ring attached to this dog collar is useful for you to hook on a simple identification tag. Moreover, this dog collar has an easy snap-fit buckle to avoid too much force exertion when fitting in or unbuckling the dog collar.

Suitable for: small to medium-sized puppies

Price range: from RM 30

Where to buy: Typo 

5. Berko BioThane Standard Dog Collar

Image source: Berko

Berko is a Malaysian brand that uses BioThane® as an eco-friendly and vegan alternative to other dog collar materials. Though the BioThane Standard Dog Collar is light-weight, it's packed with unique features such as being waterproof, stain-proof, odor-repelling, and most importantly, durable. 

Apart from the collar color, you can also choose the hardware color to give a touch of elegance. Engraving options on this handcrafted dog collar are also available for additional charges.

Suitable for: all dog breeds 

Price range: from RM76

Where to buy: Berko

6. Nylon Training Collar

Image source: Shopee

This training collar is specifically designed for large training dogs. The soft nylon padding makes sure there’s no abrasion on your dog’s skin when the collar is intact. Moreover, the collar has adjustable straps, and therefore, it’s quite easy to wear and take off the collar. 

The leash is relatively longer (up to 75 cm in length!), making it suitable for use during outdoor training. That said, this dog collar is also a good option for regular day-to-day use in large dogs because it’s just as comfortable as any other dog collars.

Suitable for: large dog breeds

Price range: from RM 23

Where to buy: Shopee 

7. TRUELOVE 5 In 1 Hands-Free Dog Leash

Image source: Shopee

The highlight of this dog leash is that it's multifunctional, meaning you can convert the leash as you like. For example, you can wear this dog leash over your waist or across your shoulder for a hands-free feature. Alternatively, you can also use it conventionally by adjusting the handle accordingly.  

This versatile dog leash also has reflective stitching, ensuring good visibility in the early morning or late night hours. Apart from comfort for the dog, the TRUELOVE dog leash also focuses on comfort for its owner. This leash's wide and soft nylon mesh padding reduces the chances of abrasion and subsequent discomfort on the owner's hand.

Suitable for: all dog breeds 

Price range: from RM 80

Where to buy: Shopee 

8. Soft Leather Personalized Dog Collar and Matching Leash

Image source: Shopee

Everything's better when it's personalized. That's precisely why this custom dog collar is 5-star rated and is one of our top picks! You can customize everything from the color of the collar (and its matching leash) and the steel nameplate engraving. 

This allows you to create a dog collar with your dog's name and relevant contact number on it. Furthermore, this dog collar is strategically constructed with 2-layers of inner soft leather padding that brings great comfort to your dog while wearing the collar.

Suitable for: all dog breeds

Price range: from RM 33  

Where to buy: Shopee 

Is it OK to grab a dog by the collar?

No. Forcefully grabbing your dog by its collar may cause strangulation or neck damage. Therefore, the correct way is to carry your dog altogether instead of grabbing it with the collar. 

If you have a leash attached to the collar, make sure to keep the leash at a comfortable length. Eliminate any tension along the length of the leash as it'll cause your dog to pull away, resulting in neck strain. 

Should a dog wear its collar all day long? 

Preferably no. The main purpose of a dog collar is for restraint and identification. Therefore, you can remove the dog collar when your dog is safe at home or on the dog bed, as it serves no purpose during these situations. Moreover, wearing a dog collar for a prolonged time risks choking or injuries associated with scratching the collar.  

That said, do note that the same may not apply for medicated dog collars. Consult a veterinarian to discuss the need for your dog to wear its collar for more extended periods. 

How do you identify collars that are bad for your dog?

There’s no one-size-fits-all dog collar and leash—some are suitable for your dog while others might not be. Therefore, the best way to do so is to closely assess your dog’s response towards the collar in the first few days. If your dog is hesitant to wear the collar or seems restless after wearing it, the collar is likely bad for your dog. 


Finding the perfect dog collar and leash is a process of trial and error. So be patient and keep your heads up because you’ll definitely find one that your dog loves! 

Before you leave, have a look at our Oyen Wellness Plan to find a suitable pet healthcare wellness plan for you and your pup! Our insurance plan covers anything from vaccines and deworming to veterinarian checkups for cats and dogs. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today at +603-2935 9955 for further details!