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Ultimate Malaysian Guide for Mixed Breed Dog

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Table of content


When people talk about mixed breed dogs, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this topic. Let’s break things down one by one so we can all learn a little more about them. Shall we?

What exactly is a mixed breed?

Mixed breed consists of 2 different branches. First, we have the cross-breeds, which are a product of 2 different pure breeds. Then, there are mutts, which are the product of many breeds over multiple generations. 


Back in the days of our ancestors, humans did not really care for breeds. Mixed breed canines have been helping the human race fulfil the roles of hunters, herders, and being loyal companions. It was only in the mid 1800s when the whole idea of pure breeds began. Fast forward to the 1900s, purebred dogs became a symbol of status of sorts.

Famous Cross-Breed Dogs

One of the reasons why people like to look at breeds is that they can predict what kind of companion they are getting. For example, if you are a hiking type, you would prefer a companion who is able to hike with you.  

That is why some people prefer mixed breed dogs. They are the best of both worlds. Here are some popular cross-breeds. To be entirely honest, I can see why! Let’s check them out.

Source: Top Dog Tips

1. Goldador (Golden Retriever and Labrador)

See what I meant? Best of both worlds. Goldador will be the friendliest dog breed you have ever seen. Their coats will be in the middle between Golden Retrievers’ fluffy coats and Labradors’ short coats. Though this also means they will be mega-shedders, they will light up your world. Goldadors are mostly used as service or guide dogs.

Source: Mad Paws

2. Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd and Poodle)

If you are the more active type, you can opt for Aussiedoodle. They thrive when there are lots of activities to keep them busy and moving. Not to mention, they are very easy to train too. Aussiedoodles are the perfect companion for families with active lifestyles and as therapy dogs.

Source: Hundeo

3. Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle)

Cockapoo is the most traditional and longest known mixed breed. In fact, a lot of people do not know that they are a cross breed between the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. They are also known as teddy bear dogs thanks to their furry, floofy coats. Apparently, Cockapoos were bred because there is a demand for dogs that do not shed a lot!

Do mixed breed canines make good pets?

Yes, absolutely! It might be difficult to track down mixed breed dogs’ temperament, but through socialisation and training, they can have the best personalities you can ever ask for! It is much easier to predict the temperaments of purebred dogs because their characters will not stray far from their parents. This is different from mixed breeds because they might have traits from their parents and grandparents that could be from a broad range of breeds. With a little bit of patience and training, they can be really good pets.

What breed mix is my dog?

If you want to know what breed mix your dog is, you do have to do a DNA test. DNA tests for your furbabies can help you learn important information about them. Things like breed composition, risk of certain diseases, ancestry, and allergies are some of the things you can obtain from doing a DNA test. I know there is breed testing, but DNA testing offers much more comprehensive information for your pets. You can check out this article that has a list of test kits you can buy in Malaysia to do the test!

Source: Best Life

Are mixed breed dogs healthier?

Yes, compared to pure breed dogs, mixed breed dogs are generally healthier. Pure breed dogs have a small and limited gene pool, which means the risk of passing along genetic disorders from one generation to the next is high. However, that does not mean mixed breed dogs are invincible. There are, of course, health diseases that can develop over time. So, as a responsible pet owner, always bring your furbabies to the vet for regular checkups!


Exercises for mixed breeds really differ based on their energy levels and breeds. But, if you do not know what exact breeds they are, you can still figure things out by looking at their body sizes and how athletic they are. For small breed dogs, you can play backyard games with them or walk them regularly. For massive dogs, they tend to be less active. If you think your furry companion has a terrier breed, take them outdoors as often as you can because terrier breeds tend to be very active.

Source: Mental Floss


When it comes to grooming, it is pretty universal. All dogs, regardless of breed should be brushed weekly. Of course, dogs with longer coats will require more frequent brushing as they shed more. Nonetheless, canines with long hair around their eyes should be checked regularly for eye irritation. Occasionally, you can bathe them to keep them clean too. 


Just like any other breed, mixed breed dogs love to eat. This could be a problem if they eat too much and become obese. Obesity is one of the most common conditions in canines and can be deadly if not prevented. Check with your vet or the recommendations on the dog food package first before sticking to a diet plan for your dog.

Feeding Mixed Breed Puppies

Puppies that will grow up to become toy-like dogs should be fed more frequently as they are prone to hypoglycemia. On the other hand, puppies that will grow into large-sized dogs should be fed large-breed growth food. This is so that they can slow down their growing rate and prevent hip dysplasia in adulthood.

Source: Best Life

Mixed Breed Behavioral Concerns

Behavioural concern is undeniably one of the topics that comes up often when discussing mixed breed dogs. Just like exercise, we do have to look at their breeds to know the temperament of the canines. If your mixed breed doggo has hound or terrier breeds, they tend to be more independent and feisty. Retriever breeds are more obedient and friendly. Regardless, you can always train your furbabies to have good manners with reward-based training. 


Even though they are the champion of the top 10 most popular breeds in Malaysia, sadly, they take up the most space in animal shelters or adoption centres. They are loving dogs and are perfect for those who do not have any specific needs in mind. Please, adopt, don’t shop. Why not give them a chance and you will see how loving they can be? Once you have adopted a furbaby, do go to your fave vet for regular checkups. Or for your peace of mind, you can opt for our pet insurance so you can focus on loving your new companion.