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The Ultimate Golden Retriever Guide In Malaysia (Cost, care tips & more!)

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Table of content

The golden retriever is a Scottish dog breed, and they’re arguably one of the best dogs you can get. They’re family companion dogs with an impossible-to-ignore adorable smile and energetic nature. 

If you’re thinking of getting a golden retriever, bookmark this guide because we’re discussing everything golden retriever related. 

Golden retriever guide Malaysia

Are golden retrievers loyal?

Yes, golden retrievers are incredibly loyal to their owners and will never leave your side. Their loyalty and trustworthiness are what make them the perfect family dogs. 

They’re even-tempered dogs that won’t usually throw tantrums or become aggressive. Therefore, they’re suitable to be kept in households with young children or seniors. 

Golden retrievers are also an excellent choice for first-time owners because of their friendly and forgiving nature. Besides that, they’re also charismatic, joyful and energetic throughout the course of their lives. 

Where to buy golden retriever puppies

Buy golden retriever puppy in Malaysia

If money can’t buy happiness, explain golden retrievers. There are many places with golden retrievers for sale or adoption in Malaysia. Here are a few places you can contact or have a look at to buy a golden retriever. 

The best practice is to consider the cost and ethicality of these breeders before sealing the deal to bring a Goldie home. You should also inquire about the dog’s personality, health concerns (if any), and vaccination status. 

How to take care of a golden retriever? 

Every dog parent would, without a doubt, strive to give the best care and quality of life to their pet pup. Golden retrievers are sometimes described as high-maintenance dogs, but that wholly depends on how much time and energy you're willing to invest in your pet. 

Let's look at the three most important aspects of caring for a golden retriever: training, grooming and food.  


Train golden retriever- Malaysia

Golden retrievers are innately intelligent dog breeds, and they're pretty responsive to training. They also have a strong desire to please and bring satisfaction to their owners. That being so, most owners do not face any difficulties training their golden retriever. 

However, golden retrievers may sometimes get distracted by their surroundings. So, owners must be patient when teaching them anything new for the first time. But rest assured, golden retrievers will catch on to it pretty soon.  

On the other hand, golden retriever puppies may be harder to train. Young retriever puppies are very playful and exuberant. Start by teaching them basic commands and instilling a good foundation of manners. Once you've got this out of the way, baby golden retrievers can follow more complex instructions effortlessly. 


Golden retrievers shed a lot—like, seriously, a lot! That being the case, you must brush their coat daily to prevent matting and reduce shedding. Most owners prefer using an undercoat rake or curry comb to brush through the thick coat of golden retrievers. 

Next, golden retrievers must also be double-rinsed every time they bathe. This is because their thick coat easily traps dirt. Rinsing them twice before coming out of sure will make sure their coat is clean and in its neutral state.   

Finally, you should also brush their teeth regularly and keep an eye out for anything abnormal (i.e. bleeding or inflammation). Avoid using human toothpaste as they're toxic to dogs. Keep their nails neat and trimmed too. If you’re afraid of accidentally injuring them while clipping their nails, you can get their nails trimmed during veterinary visits instead. 


Food for golden retriever

One of the most common questions amongst golden retriever parents is, “Which dog food is best for golden retrievers?” There might simply be too many options for Goldie, making it quite overwhelming for you to pick and choose. But to answer your query, there’s no “best food” for dogs—they all depend on your dog’s preferences and health goals. 

Nevertheless, it would be best if you generally aimed to feed them high-quality foods that are certified to meet the set nutritional levels. This will help to stack the odds of your golden retriever growing healthy in your favour.

On top of that, you may also consider giving your golden retriever vitamins and supplements to boost its health. That said, the best resource for deciding what to feed your golden retriever puppy is your local veterinarian. So always consult your veterinarian to make a safe and shared decision. 

Common health problems in golden retrievers

Golden retrievers live for an average of 10 to 12 years, but there are records of them living up to 20 years. Unfortunately, some life-threatening health conditions may not only shorten their lifespan but also push them into a state of physical and mental despair. 

Here are the three most common health problems in golden retrievers. 

Hip dysplasia 

Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint is partially or completely dislocated from its socket. Although research suggests this is a genetic condition, golden retrievers are more prone to hip dysplasia because of their large growth spurts in their puppyhood.

The hallmark symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs include limping, leg stiffness, abnormal sitting positions and trouble standing. You can only treat this health condition through medications or surgery.  

Heart problems 

The heart is a vital organ that supplies blood to every corner of the body. Unfortunately, golden retrievers have a high risk of developing aortic stenosis, a type of heart valve disease resulting in reduced blood flow. 

A marked reduction in blood supply will make it harder for golden retrievers to involve themselves in their usual activities. They’d also start having symptoms of reduced heart function such as difficulty breathing, coughing and weakness. 

Skin conditions 

Skin conditions in golden retriever

Golden retrievers love the outdoors. While it’s great to be active, it also increases their risk of developing environmental allergies or seborrhea. In fact, approximately 1 in 2 golden retrievers will suffer from some type of skin problem during their lifetime. 

Taking preventative measures to avoid diseases in your golden retriever is paramount. Therefore, we highly encourage you to set regular appointments with your veterinarian to detect any signs of diseases from an early stage. 

If you suspect your Goldie is suffering any compromises in its health, remember that you’re only one call away from your veterinarian. Bring them to a vet's office immediately and have their health checked out and addressed if necessary.


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