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2023 Guide: 10 Best Dog Supplements in Malaysia (recommended by vets)

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Table of content

Diet plays a significant role in the health and well-being of your four-legged friends. On that note, you may be wondering if supplements are right for your fur babies. 
But what are dog supplements, to begin with? 

Quite like the supplements, we take ourselves, dog supplements are meant to support your dog's health and wellness. They offer additional nutrients, vitamins, or ingredients that may be lacking in your pet's normal diet. 
In most cases, dogs fed with a high-quality and appropriate diet can carry on just fine without dog supplements. But why do some dogs need supplements regardless? 

Dog supplements are particularly useful for pups that have specific health concerns. It acts as a source of extra nutrients that helps overcome the said health issue. 
That being so, here are five main categories of best dog supplements that are quality-tested and recommended by veterinarians for dogs.

Best Dog Supplements in Malaysia

1. Probiotics for dogs 

Probiotics are “good'' bacterias or yeasts that exist naturally in bodies. Probiotic supplements help to add to this group of beneficial bacterias and improve the digestion and intestinal health of your dogs. This is a good choice of supplement for dogs with problems of diarrhea, constipation, or gas build-up. 
Human probiotics may be safe for dogs. However, they may not be as effective or beneficial as probiotics synthesized for dogs. 

Malaysia best dog supplement probiotic
Image source: Shopee

Max & Paw All Natural Probiotic Powder

This product contains more than 1 million active probiotics to improve gastrointestinal and immune system health. The prebiotic compounds in this formula act as a food source for the probiotics. This helps to promote the cycle of growth and reproduction of probiotics.  
Max & Paw All Natural Probiotic Powder also helps to detox your dog’s body and relieve allergies. As this product comes in powder formulation, you can easily incorporate it into your dog’s usual meals. 
There are also many positive reviews and promising testimonies on this probiotic and prebiotic supplement powder. That being so, you can count on this product for your dog’s intestinal and immune system support. 

Ratings: 4.9 stars / 1,000 reviews
RM 125 (free shipping nationwide)
Buy online:

Image source: Shopee

Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

This six-strain probiotic blend is a good option of supplement to support gut function and maintain proper gut flora. 
One of the probiotic strains, Bacillus subtilis, is clinically proven to promote normal digestion and assist in building a healthier immune system. Moreover, this probiotic dog supplement comes in tasty soft chews with no artificial coloring or preservatives. 

Ratings: 5.0 stars / 6 reviews
Suitable for:
all dogs 
~ RM 160
Buy online:

2. Fish oil for dogs

If your pet dog seems to be struggling with itchy skin or dull fur coat, it could benefit from fish oil dog supplementation. Fish oil for dogs is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and/or DHA), essential components to promote coat health and reduce skin flakiness.  Fish oil may also help to support healthy heart function in dogs. 
Some people choose to give their dogs fish oil made for humans. However, you need to be really careful with the dosing if you choose to do this to avoid any complications. 
Here are some fish oil products made especially for dogs. 

Malaysia best dog supplement
Image source: iHerb

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet

These soft gels are made from sustainable fishing practices, and it's formulated with wild anchovy and sardine oil. Each soft gel supplies up to 1000mg of high-quality fish oil, with 165 mg of EPA and 105 mg DHA.  
Moreover, the fish oil is distilled for purity before being packaged into capsules. It's also tested by third-party for purity, meeting the strict standards set by international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Ratings: 4.7 stars / 411 reviews
~ RM 80
Buy online:

Top dog supplement in Malaysia
Image source: Nusentia

Celavin Fish Oil

This liquid fish oil is sourced from small fish species and is triple distilled to uphold high standards of purity. Additionally, it’s produced in a pharmaceutical-grade facility in Norway, so you can be sure of giving the best to your pet. This product has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, in which customers unsatisfied with the product after two months of use can get a refund. 

Ratings: 5.0 stars / 13 reviews
~ RM 89
Buy online:

3. Joint supplement for dogs 

Joint health is essential for dogs to lead an active lifestyle. However, as dogs start aging, they have a higher risk of developing joint pain, stiffness or inflammation. Therefore, joint supplements for dogs are commonly recommended as a supplement for arthritic or senior dogs. 

Supplement and vitamin for Malaysian dogs
Image source: iHerb

Dr. Mercola Joint Support

This product focuses on promoting the mobility and flexibility of dogs. The formulation of this dog supplement contains eight active joint health ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, collagen and bromelain. It’s also GMO-free, gluten-free and soy-free, which ensures it’s gentle and non-allergenic on your puppy's stomach. 

Ratings: 4.6 stars / 20 reviews
~ RM 122
Buy online:

dog joint supplement in malaysia
Image source: Shopee

Science Product Glucosamine Plus Bone & Joint Formula

Glucosamine is a natural substance that supports healthy joints, repairs cartilage and reduces joint pain. This joint formula tablet supplies dogs with adequate levels of glucosamine to assist in optimal joint function and mobility. 
If your dog has difficulty taking pills, this tablet can be crushed and mixed well into the dog food instead. 

Ratings: 5 stars / 21 reviews
~ RM 53
Buy online:

4. Salmon oils for dog

Even though the benefits of salmon oil and fish oil are more or less the same, the composition and nutritional profiles of the oils can be quite different. Salmon oil has less saturated fats and is more concentrated with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a great supplement to support immune, heart, skin, and coat health.

salmon oil for dogs in malaysia
Image source: Shopee

Dr.Clauder's BARF Traditional Salmon Oil

This 100% pure salmon oil for dogs is sourced from Norwegian salmon. The low content of free fatty acids (<2%) in this product further accentuates the excellence in its quality.
Dr. Clauder's Traditional Salmon Oil is recommended for dogs lacking coat or for dogs with sensitive skin. This is because the natural availability of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in this salmon oil acts directly on the skin and coat of dogs. As a result, it can support the development of resilient skin and glossy fur. 

Ratings: 5 stars / 35 reviews 
~ RM 15
Buy online:

healthy supplements for dogs in Malaysia
Image source: iHerb

NaturVet Omega-Gold Plus Salmon Oil

All NaturVet products are veterinarian formulated and manufactured in the USA in GMP-compliant facilities. 
These NaturVet soft chews, in particular, are recommended for dogs above 12 weeks of age with dry skin. Its high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids helps to support healthy skin and coat. Moreover, this product is wheat-free, making it one of the safest options for dogs allergic to grains. 

Ratings: 4.7 stars / 322 reviews
~ RM 50
Buy online:

5. Liver supplement for dogs

The liver is a vital organ that aids the process of digestion and removal of toxins from the body. 
Liver supplements for dogs often include ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, milk thistle, S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM-e), silymarin, glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These ingredients are known to heal the liver through cell-repairing effects and detoxification. 

Malaysia best dog supplements
Image source: Shopee

Cordy HEP+C Liver Supplement

This all-herbal product contains a powerful blend of milk thistle and chlorophyllin. It has anti-oxidative effects in removing free radicals (hepatotoxins) and preventing liver damage. 
Other than that, this supplement also has the ability to restore oxidative balance in the liver. As such, it’s sometimes used to treat liver diseases such as hepatitis. Nonetheless, you should not use supplements in place of proper vet care and treatment. 

Ratings: 5.0 stars / 105 reviews
~ RM 50
Buy online:

natural dog supplements in Malaysia
Image Source: NHV Natural Pet

NHV Milk Thistle 

Milk thistle is a potent herb with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and detoxifying properties. This 100% natural product is veterinarian formulated and approved. 
It helps support liver health and facilitates kidney detox in dogs. This liver supplement for dogs also promotes cellular regeneration and repair. Moreover, this product is glycerin-based and is safe for long-term use without risking side effects or dependence. 

Ratings: 5.0 stars / 148 reviews
~ RM 190
Buy online:
NHV Natural Pet

Frequently Asked Question

When should I give supplements to my dog?

The dose and frequency of giving supplements to your dog depends on a few factors such as age, weight, formulation (chew, tablets, liquid, etc.), and the type of
Therefore, the best practice is to refer to the supplement product label and feed your dog accordingly. If unsure, it's always best to seek advice from your vet. 


Giving supplements to your dog could improve their health and quality of life. Though starting dogs on supplements is done with the best intentions, it’s crucial to talk to your veterinarian beforehand. This is because incorrect dosages or wrong supplements could worsen health issues.  
While supplements may be beneficial and prevention is better than cure, there's nothing quite like proper vet care and treatment when your dog needs it most. But vet bills can rack up high costs. 
Pet insurance is a fantastic way to safeguard your pet's wellness. Take our quick insurance eligibility quiz for your pet here and get the best insurance pricing for your furry friend.