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Shiba Inu Guide in Malaysia (Prices, Traits & Where to Buy)

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Table of content

You may recognize Shiba Inu from the ever so famous cryptocurrency dogecoin. Yes, that adorable dog is real and not just a computer-animated character. Shiba Inus is a small hunting dog breed native to Japan. 

Though Shibas are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, they're still a rarity in Malaysia. Hence, it goes without saying that Shiba-Inu-related information is scarce in Malaysia's context. 

But we’ve got you covered! Here's your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about Shiba Inus before purchasing or adopting one in Malaysia.  

What is Shiba Inu? 

The name Shiba Inu comes from the Japanese language, which directly translates to "brushwood dog." This name basically refers to the overall small size of Shiba Inu dogs. 

Shiba Inus have distinct wolf-like features: a curled tail, prick ears, and a "foxy face." Their bodies are compact, well-built, and muscular, making them the perfect companion for various outdoor activities like hiking, strolling, or playing fetch. 

Most Shiba Inu dogs come in one of three coat colour combinations: red, black and tan, or sesame and cream. They also have a weather-resistant double coat whereby their outer coat is stiff while the inner coat is softer.

Traits & characteristics of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are popularly known to be small yet mighty. They're incredibly clever, making it easy for them to learn witty tricks or new commands. They’re also smart in alerting their owners by barking in the event of anything suspicious. Furthermore, Shibas are almost always energetic and high-spirited. So they can get bored quickly and can't be left alone for prolonged times.

However, one of the most worrisome negative characteristics of Shiba Inu is their strong prey instinct. You can often find them exerting aggression towards other dogs, cats, or smaller creatures. Therefore, you may want to think twice about getting a Shiba Inu if you already have another pet at home or young children. 

How much does a Shiba Inu cost in Malaysia? 

As Shina Inus are a rare breed with high demand, its cost tends to fall under the more expensive range. Depending on the store, Shiba Inus can cost anywhere from RM 4800 to RM 9000. Moreover, Shiba Inu puppy prices are comparatively higher than an adult Shiba Inu dog. 

Additionally, Shiba Inus are considered high-maintenance because they shed a lot of fur. So regular grooming and brushing are essential to make sure their fur doesn't shed everywhere in your house. 

Shibas are also reported to have food allergies and skin allergies often. Therefore, expect to spend a few more ringgits on different dog foods, dog beds, and shampoos before finding the right (and safe!) one for your Shiba. If necessary, you may also need to spend on nutritional supplements and medications under a vet's advice for your Shiba too.

Where to buy Shiba Inu?  

If you're looking to buy a Shiba Inu, it's recommended for you to find pet stores that breed their dogs ethically. Not only is this a morally correct option, but it also makes sure your dog is healthy.

Here are a few pet centers with Shibas available in Malaysia: 

Cubica Pets United/De'Bulls LaVie

This professional and well-established pet shop guarantees buyers healthy and pure puppy breeds. Cubica Pets United is against breeding puppies in puppy mills. Therefore, all of their pets are locally home-bred with Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA) certification. Moreover, their Shiba Inus are microchipped, even before you purchase them. 

Price: RM 4800

Contact: 016-718 9900

Socials: Facebook

Shiba Inu Malaysia Online Store

Located in Batu Pahat, Johor, this pet store sells Shiba Inu puppies of various coat colors. Each Shiba Inu puppy comes with an up-to-date vaccination card for your future reference. They also offer pet taxi delivery services if necessary. However, these puppies do not come with microchips. So you'd have to book an appointment separately with a veterinarian to do so. 

Price: RM 4900

Contact: 014-338 6866

Socials: Facebook

Ann Ang Pet Bargain

This pet store mainly focuses on breeding dogs responsibly to ensure good health in the future. The parents of their Shiba Inus are from Taiwan, so you can be sure of purchasing a 100% pure breed. Every Shiba from this store comes with MKA certification and also microchipping. They also provide delivery services at an extra cost.

Price range: RM 6800 and above 

Contact: 019-480 6689

Socials: Facebook  

Can I adopt Shiba Inus? 

Yes, but it's not easy to find Shibas that are up for adoption. Most adoption centers operate by rescuing stray dogs, and it's extremely rare to have Shiba Inus stranded without an owner or abandoned. 

Nevertheless, you can try your luck by contacting some dog adoption centers to inquire if there are any Shiba Inus. Here are some adoption centers you can be on the lookout for a Shiba Inu dog:

My Pets Haven 

This adoption center has been operating successfully since 2011. Other than rescuing stray animals, they also treat, nurture and sterilize them before putting them up for adoption. 

With more than 31,000 followers on Instagram, they regularly post pictures of dogs up for adoption. Moreover, you can adopt these dogs at zero adoption fees, with only RM 300 for dog neutering/spaying fee.

Contact: 019-6632828

Socials: Instagram // Website  

SPCA Selangor

SPCA Selangor is a registered animal welfare organization that's helped to rehome over 2,000 animals to date. Pictures and details of dogs up for adoption are regularly posted on their Instagram page. If you come across a pup you'd like to bring home, just book an appointment with SPCA to meet and greet the dog before adoption. 

Contact: 03-4256 5312

Socials:Instagram // Website

Shiba Inu living conditions 

We all know the Malaysian weather—scorching hot on some days and humid on others. The equatorial climate in Malaysia makes it unsuitable for some dog breeds to live and thrive in. So can Shiba Inu dogs live in Malaysia? 

Lucky for you, the answer is yes! Shibas can live in Malaysia. Shibas have a thick layer of fur that acts as a natural insulator. Therefore, air will be trapped within the fur coat to make it easier for Shibas to tolerate extreme heat or cold weather.  

However, some signs of overheating you should look out for in Shibas include: 

  • Heavy breathing or panting 
  • Becoming aggressive or cranky 
  • Excess salivation 
  • Bright red or blue gums 
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea 

If you buy or adopt a Shiba Inu puppy, it's best to introduce it to Malaysia's hot weather gradually. This will provide sufficient time for the puppy to adapt to its environment. Moreover, you should always prepare sufficient amounts of water for Shibas. 

Limit outdoor activities such as walks or dog sports during the peak hot hours of the day, and it may be best to keep your Shiba indoors during hot days. 


Shiba Inu dogs are adorable, intelligent, and fun to have around! Confident, alert, active...there's just so much to love about this breed. Shibas are a great choice of constant companions if you're willing to do the same—accompany and socialize with them constantly. 

That said, Shibas may also cause substantial unexpected costs throughout its course of life. The Oyen Wellness Plan helps you cover essential health expenditures such as vaccines, check-ups, and deworming. 

You can also get in touch with us today to discuss our insurance plans that can keep your pet (and your wallet) safe and sound!  Check if your pet is eligible now.