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8 Best Dog Beds In Malaysia

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Table of content

Purchasing pet beds is one of the essential pet accessories expenses you'll probably spend to keep your dog comfortable. A good-quality place to rest can positively influence your dog's mood, posture, and overall well-being. 

That being said, it's important to note that not all pet beds are the same. Finding a dog bed that uniquely caters to the needs of your dog is crucial.

In this article, we’ll explore the 8 best dog beds in Malaysia, including their price tag and where you can purchase them from.

Let's dive in!

1. METCHIC Calming Dog Beds

Do you ever find your dog whining or crying at night? If yes, this anti-anxiety dog bed could be the perfect choice. Though there may be many reasons behind dogs feeling restless, one of the main reasons could be a lack of security. 

The METCHIC Calming Dog Beds are designed to calm down dogs by providing them a sense of being protected. This doughnut-shaped dog is made out of faux fur that's very soft and cushiony. Moreover, the texture of this dog bed promotes deep sleep by ensuring your dog has the optimal healthy sleep posture. The surrounding bolster of this dog bed provides support for your dog's head and neck while also making them feel safe at home.

Suitable for: dogs up to 40 kg 

Pricing range: RM 387

Where to buy: Amazon 

2. Haiwan Slip Bed

Haiwan is a Malaysian pet accessory store that sells over 150 pet essentials. Their original Slip Bed is one of them, and it is meticulously designed to look and feel comfortable. The bed has an impressive bounce-back rate, so it's perfect for dogs that love to jump or play around.  

The Malaysian weather could be slightly indecisive—rainy and cold on some days, but scorching hot on others. That's why this pet bed comes with an option for your dog to tuck itself into the slip pocket or not; either way, your dog is guaranteed to feel cosy. 

The covers of this pet bed can be easily removed for cleaning. However, the only drawback is that its inner cushion cannot be machine-washed. It has to be sun-dried regularly to avoid infestation of dirt, allergens, or pests. 

Suitable for: dogs up to 38 kg 

Pricing: RM 259

Where to buy: Haiwan website

3. Lounger Cotton

The Pet Lovers Centre has 55 stores nationwide, and they operate online too! Their lounger cotton dog bed is made out of 100% cotton, promising your furry friend a soft, comfy, and non-toxic surface to rest. 

The cover of this bed is ecologically designed with NanoSphere® textile finishing technology. Unlike classic bed surfaces, the NanoSphere® textile reduces the adhesion of particles. Therefore, if your dog happens to spill any liquid or oil on the pet, you can rinse it off with water, and you're good to go. 

Moreover, this technology provides abrasion resistance, which means that you can machine wash this pet bed without compromising its quality. The bacteriostatic nature of this pet bed minimizes the risk of your dog contracting any infections, too. Overall, the Lounger Cotton is an affordable and high-quality pet bed for dogs.

Suitable for: dogs up to 11 kg 

Pricing: RM 180

Where to buy: Pet Lovers Centre

4. Venan Pet Dog Bed

Venan is an international brand with more than 20 years of excellence in bringing pet supplies to the market. This pet bed is made of double cotton filling to provide your pet dog with extra warmth and comfort. The surface of the bed is skin-friendly, which means your pet will not feel uneasiness or irritation while and after resting on it.

Moreover, it is also a washable dog bed that guarantees no deformation even after multiple washes in cold water. Over 1,400 pieces of the Venan dog beds have been sold nationwide, and a large portion of the customer reviews are positive—some even commented on wanting  to purchase another Venan dog bed!

Suitable for: dogs up to 35 kg 

Pricing: RM 15 to RM75

Where to buy: Shopee 

5. Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed has CertiPUR-US Certification, which means that the polyurethane foams it's made out of meets the standards of independent laboratories. It's highly recommended for senior or arthritic dogs because it can support the dog's joints and relieve pressure points firmly. But this bed is not suitable for dogs with excessive teething or chewing behaviour, so do not use it for young and active dogs. 

The gel memory foam in this dog bed has a better cooling capacity that works to absorb and draw heat away. This leaves your dog feeling more comfortable and at ease during sleep. Furthermore, older dogs are more fragile and prone to accidental injuries. The anti-slip bottom design positions this bed firmly and steadily to avoid any unwanted mishaps or discomfort.  

Suitable for: dogs up to 34 kg 

Pricing: RM 390

Where to buy: Amazon 

6. Aicare Pet Bed

This premium pet dog bed comes in an eco-friendly design. The inner layer of the pet bed is soft, whereas the exterior is designed to be bite-resistant and also breathable. You can also easily remove the inner cushion to hand-wash the bed with mild soap and cold water. 

Furthermore, the bed comes with an in-built elevated side cushion for your dog's comfort during sleep. The high-density sponge stuffing has an impressive bounce-back rate, ensuring the Aicare pet bed doesn't lose its shape.

Suitable for: dogs up to 25 kg 

Pricing: RM 79 to RM 114

Where to buy: Shopee 

7. PETKIT Dog Bed

The PETKIT dog bed comes in a reversible double-sided design that's comfortable and non-irritant to your dog's skin. Its 3D waveform sponge innovation gives your dog better spine support and brings it straight to the sleep zzz-zone. That being so, this dog bed is suitable for dogs to achieve a better quality of sleep and posture. On top of that, it is designed with high-elastic sponge dog pillows on all four sides to bolster and provide comfort for your dog's head. 

Suitable for: dogs up to 30 kg 

Pricing: RM 92 to RM 188 

Where to buy: Lazada // PETKIT Website 

8. Pet Dog Bed

This dog bed made of 100% polypropylene cotton is a cheaper yet satisfactory alternative to other dog beds in the market. The 4.9 stars rating for this product from over 960 customers speaks volumes about its quality and service. 

This dog bed comes in three different colours, and you have the option to add on a blanket or a dog pillow at checkout. The mattress also has raised sides to allow your dog to get comfortable by providing back and head support. Unfortunately, this dog bed is not suitable for machine-washing, and it should only be hand or dry washed.

Suitable for: dogs up to 35 kg 

Pricing: RM 23 to RM 87 

Where to buy: Shopee 


These days, dog beds come in a variety of sizes and features. Choosing the right bed size for your dog is just as important as finding the correct type of bed. Although finding the right bed might be a challenging process of trial and error, keep in mind that it's for the best of your precious companion!