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Oyen Shares Rescue Stories: Kutty & Maya @kuttykronicles

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Table of content

In the spirit of #adoptdontshop, we are going to feature a series of beautiful stories of rescued dogs and cats, as well as rescuers! 

Today we have Anuradha and her 2 rescue dogs, Kutty (2 years old) and Maya (10 months old). They have the most amazing Instagram feed @kuttykronicles where you can follow their pawsome lives (as said on their description) and get to know their friends too!

We asked Anuradha to share her story of rescuing her dogs and some important things to know if you’d also like to be a rescuer/adopt a pet, read on to find out more:

Maya & Kutty says hello!

What inspired you to name your dog Kutty?

We kept Kutty's name when we rescued him because he was already 7 months old by that time and we didn't want to confuse him. But also because "Kutty" is a term of endearment in our mother-tongue Malayalam, plus it sounds like "cutie".

Can you share your rescue journey with us?

I saw a Facebook post about Kutty in Dec 2019, pleading for help to rescue and adopt him. He was tied up outside with a short chain and had no shelter from the rain or sun. 

He was malnourished and looked so pitiful. It broke my heart to see him like that. 

We reached out to the people who posted it, which were Kutty's neighbours, and arranged to see him on Christmas Day. He barked a lot and didn't let my husband near him. The owner saw us and told us to take Kutty and throw him away because they said he's naughty, barks a lot and chews things. But despite that, I felt an instant connection to Kutty that morning.

A few days later, we welcomed him into our home. He was quite sick with high fever by that time we rescued him just in time or he would have died. Kutty's neighbours and a few kind souls helped coordinate the rescue and paid for Kutty's bills - we are truly grateful to them!

What is Kutty and Maya's cutest quirks?

As for Maya, my favourite is the way she greets us each morning, or if she doesn't see us for a few hours. She'll hop around on two legs, tongue out and wagging - she really knows how to make you feel special.

Being rescuers, what do you hope more people in the pet community know more about?

Kutty - loyal, intelligent, loving

Mixed breed and mongrels dogs are just as loyal, intelligent and loving as pedigree dogs.

Dogs are companions - we don't choose our friends for the way they look or by their race or skin color. It's the same with dogs. Don't support breeders. Adopt, not shop.

If one would like to rescue dogs, what would be some advice that you'd like to give them?

i) Be prepared to invest time and love for your rescued dog to train them. 

Especially if they're from an abused background and are suffering from some trauma. That's more important than spending a lot of money on toys and treats. Never blame dogs for bad or aggressive's the owner's responsibility to show them how to be better.

ii) Please neuter and spay the dog
They are not like humans and don't "want" to have babies. It's actually a traumatic experience for the mother dog, especially when her pups are then taken away, or worse, thrown away. Prevent that from happening, discuss with your vet on when's the safest age to spay or neuter.

iii) Bring your rescued dog to the dog park!
It's very important for your dog to socialise with other dogs, and it's great exercise too.
Plus you get to meet and be friends with other like-minded dog owners too!

Kutty says goodbye! Follow me on @kuttykronicles

We love this story and would love to hear more from our community too. If you know of beautiful stories from rescuers or adopters, or are one yourself, reach out to us and share your story!

If you are looking to adopt a furry friend, we prepared an article to help you find an adoption shelter near you.