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10 Best Cat Backpacks in Malaysia

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Table of content

Cat carrier bags are a life-saver when it comes to moving around comfortably with your pet. Be it a visit to the grocery store or a mountain hike; a cat backpack always comes in handy. That said, it’s essential to choose the best cat carrier bag based on its suitability for both you and your furkid! 

1. Perfk Cat Carrier Backpack

Image source: Lazada

This portable cat carrier bag is designed with transparent sides to avoid inducing anxiety in your cat. The unrestricted view of the surroundings will give your cat a sense of assurance and allow it to enjoy the trip better. A helpful tip is to have someone your cat is familiar with to walk behind or beside you. This will give a sense of familiarity to your cat and keep it calm. 

The PVC mesh is eco-friendly and durable, allowing optimal airflow from the environment. Therefore, you wouldn't have to worry about your cat feeling "stuffy" in the cat bag. Moreover, the backpack comes with adjustable padded back and shoulder straps. So your shoulders and spine will be relieved of pressure while carrying the backpack. On the other hand, this backpack's foldable aspect enables easy storage just about anywhere.

Pricing: RM 100

Suitable for: cats below 6 kg 

Where to buy: Lazada 

2. Premium Transparent Astronaut Cat Backpack 

Image source: Shopee

This cat astronaut backpack is designed to keep your cat safe and snug. A total of 9 air holes are evenly distributed on this cat carrier backpack, making sure there's always enough ventilation for your cat from all sides. The padding is also made out of three layers of cotton for comfortable seating. This adorable cat bag comes in a wide choice of seven different colours to suit your style.  

In terms of user-friendliness, this backpack has weight reduction designs incorporated into its shoulder straps. The bottom of this backpack also bears the weight of cats without losing its shape and sagging. As a result, the cat carrier bag appears to get lighter and easier to carry around without getting your back tired.  

Pricing: RM 32 to RM 39

Suitable for: cats below 7 kg

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Simply Best Ventilated Cat Backpack

Image source: Lazada

One key feature of this cat backpack is that it comes with three entrances for your cat to go in and out. This cat bag can be carried around by hand or shoulder and the claw-defence mesh of this backpack ensures longevity. This backpack also has plenty of pocket space to store toys, treats, or other essentials for your cats. 

Additionally, this backpack has padded fleece mats, a synthetic fibre made of polyester. This material helps to sustain warmth and provides insulation for your cat. These mats are also easily removable, so you wouldn't have to worry about the pads smelling over time. Instead, the pads can be quickly washed by hand with mild soap and water, then dried and put back into the backpack. 

Pricing: RM 71

Suitable for: cats below 12 kg 

Where to buy: Lazada 

4. Haiwan Sling Pet Bag

Image source: Haiwan website

Cat sling bags aren't only comfortable for cats; they also look trendy on the owners. The Haiwan cat sling bag comes with wide, padded shoulder straps to distribute your cat's weight evenly and reduce the burden on your shoulders. 

The built-in collar hook secures your cat in place and prevents your playful friend from escaping out of this cat bag. This backpack also has a pocket on the strap to store and quickly access mobile phones, wallets, water bottles, or other essentials.

Pricing: RM 130

Suitable for: cats below 6 kg

Where to buy: Haiwan website 

5. Perfk Cat Carrier Backpack with Mesh

Image source: Lazada

This cat carrier backpack is made out of high-quality nylon fabric. Since no acrylic is used to make this backpack, there's significantly less risk of its interior overheating. Moreover, the mesh fabric in the front and sides gives this cat bag its breathable characteristic. So you can expect your cat to be safe and protected throughout its time in this bag. On top of that, the hand-stitched handle and dual strap ensure the product's durability. 

Pricing: RM 57

Suitable for: cats below 6 kg 

Where to buy: Lazada 

6. Haiwan Bear Bubble Carrier

Image source: Haiwan website

Handicapped, amputated, and paralysed cats require specific types of backpacks to avoid the risk of developing injuries or pressure sores. This cat bubble backpack is disability-friendly and, therefore, suitable for cats with special needs. It comes with 12 air holes for excellent breathability and also a cooling mat to avoid overheating. In terms of visibility, this bubble carrier is entirely see-through for you to continuously monitor your cat while travelling.  

Pricing: RM 459

Suitable for: cats below 9 kg 

Where to buy: Haiwan website

7. Creation Core Pet Apron

Image source: Amazon

This pet apron is designed with cotton to give your cat the utmost cosiness—just like a baby pouch carrier, but a furry cat instead. It's highly suggested for kittens as it ensures you're always close to it. You can also use this cat carrier bag at home if you'd like to snuggle and accompany your cat throughout the day. The external security clasp prevents pets from jumping out, ensuring your pet is always safe. You can also adjust the apron for tightness and optimal fit.

Pricing: RM 144

Suitable for: cats below 7 kg 

Where to buy: Amazon 

8. Prado Transparent Cat Carrier

Image source: Prado website

This cat carrier is made of high polymeric EVA material, contributing to its lightweight nature. It is also a waterproof material, so you can use this cat bag to bring your cat out during the rainy season too. The sturdy framework of this product also eliminates the worry of the bag losing its shape over time. Depending on your preferences, this transparent cat bag can be hand-held or strapped to the shoulder; either way, you and your cat are guaranteed maximum comfort!

Pricing: RM 42

Suitable for: cats below 5 kg 

Where to buy: Prado website 

9. Lollimeow Bubble Backpack Carrier

Image source: Amazon

The waterproof fabric and high-quality transparent shell definitely make this cat bubble backpack stand amongst its competitors. In fact, Lollimeow is the first brand of pet accessories to market clear bubble backpacks to consumers.

There's also a little opening on one side of the cat carrier bag, where you can reach into and pet your cat from time to time. It also has nine large ventilation holes and ventilation nets to provide a flow of fresh air for your feline friend.

For longer journeys, you can expand this backpack into a small tent to provide more room for your cat to play and rest. The anti-scratching expandable net allows your cat to have fun while not compromising its ability to last.  

Pricing: RM 390 

Suitable for: cats below 6 kg 

Where to buy: Amazon 

10. Vintage Pet Backpack

Image source: Cats Garden website

This creatively designed cat backpack combines extraordinary safety features with comfort and ease of use. This bag looks similar to everyday backpacks, and their padded shoulder straps are adjustable. 

The built-in security leash makes this cat carrier bag ideal for restless or highly stressed cats. It avoids the risk of your cat breaking free from the inside of the bag. In addition, the soft washable pads in this bag provide maximum comfort to keep the cat cosy and promote rest. The three mesh window also allows sufficient airflow and ventilation.

Pricing: RM 285  

Suitable for: cats below 6 kg 

Where to buy: Cats Garden website

Are cat backpacks safe? 

It’s common to wonder if these seemingly harmless backpacks are safe for cats. The answer is yes! In fact, many cats seem to love staying in similar tiny, confined spaces like boxes and carts. Cat carrier bags and backpacks are usually designed with sufficient ventilation to allow good breathing and avoid suffocation. 

But note that cats generally don’t fancy travelling to new places. So you may anticipate some signs of discomfort (aggressive clawing or constant meowing) when bringing your cat outdoors in a backpack for the first time.

How long can a cat be in a cat backpack? 

Cats can stay in their backpack for as long as they’re comfortable in it. Therefore, you’d have to check out how your cat is feeling from time to time. If your cat seems fussy, take it out of the cat carrier bag and check for any distressing issues, such as:

  • Overheating 
  • Hungry or thirsty 
  • Stress 
  • Need to defecate or urinate 

Nonetheless, it's always best to aim to keep your cat in a backpack for the shortest time possible. After all, nothing beats your cat having the freedom to roam around freely!