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Best Automatic Pet Feeder

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Table of content

Anyone who lived with pets, whether cat or dog, must have known that mealtime is a serious business. They do not hesitate to inform you, loudly, that you are running late or forgot to prep food for them when it is time for mealtime. 

Most of us lead busy lives, and our schedules occasionally prohibit us from maintaining a regular feeding plan for our animals. It's not always possible to ensure that our pets will eat at the same time every day. This is why automatic pet feeders exist in the first place!

How does automatic pet feeder works?

Automatic pet feeders can eliminate the hassle of feeding a pet, whether your pet prefers to eat several little meals throughout the day or needs closer monitoring of their food consumption. Additionally, they'll prevent your loved one from becoming hungry if you have to spend the night away.

Automatic feeders also provide you comfort in knowing that your pet will be fed when you are away or at work. Knowing your pet will eat the same meals every day makes it simple to fit a late meeting into your calendar.

Did you know, approximately 55% of cats and dogs are overweight, which poses major health hazards such as diabetes, kidney illness, and heart and lung disease? Giving your pet portioned feedings require automatic feeders to aid in correct weight maintenance.

A feeder might help your pet slow down if he eats too quickly or gulps down his food. This is excellent for cats as well because they like to eat more slowly. Your pet's digestion will improve and vomiting and stomach bloating will be prevented by eating more slowly.

5 best automatic pet feeders you need to have

1. EPetz Smart Pet Food Feeder

In contrast to other pet food dispensers, the EPetz Smart Pet Food Feeder may also be used as a data hotspot. Therefore, it's not required for WiFi to always be on at home.

The feeding schedule will be saved in the memory setting once it has been configured via the app. The EPetz Smart Pet Food Feeder won't become inoperable in the event that the WiFi goes down. In actuality, planned feedings will still occur even without WiFi, but they won't be logged on the app. 


  • 3L maximum storage capacity
  • Dual power supply with a DC 5V USB adaptor and four AA batteries
  • Controls smart apps
  • System to prevent trapped serves
  • Can modify a feeding schedule

Price: RM158.00 - RM458.00

Where to buy: Shopee

2. OEM 7.5L WiFi + HD Camera Automatic Smart Pet Food Dispenser

With the use of a straightforward app, this 7.5L food dispenser can feed pets for extended periods of time, removing the need for pet parents to worry about their children while they are away. In addition, you may take images and watch them in real-time using the HD surveillance camera that you can monitor.

The other capabilities include two-way speech control and the ability to interact with pets through Smart Life, Tuya, and Google voice.

This equipment is fantastic for people who must travel far and wide because it is made for all their needs. Due to the features, those with a bit of erratic work schedules will also be benefited from using this meal dispenser.


  • Flexible feeding timer enables pet owners to feed their animals on schedule.
  • HD camera and voice recorder for pets
  • Easy-to-use app for monitoring and control
  • Dual power supply with three alkaline D-cell batteries and an external power source
  • Possibility of storing up to 7.5L

Price: RM298.00 - RM398.00

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Pet Marvel Automatic Feeder

Pawrents may arrange a healthy portion with just one click thanks to the Pet Marvel Automatic Feeder's customised feeding plan. They only need to download the app and set their meals with ease. Additionally, one may use the Pet Marvel Automatic Feeder App to keep track of their pet's mealtimes and receive alerts when there is a food deficit. Pet Marvel Automatic Feeder will take care of providing food for pets, allowing owners to kick back and unwind.

This is a simple choice for pet owners who find it difficult to manage their pet's nutrition and detest intricate software controls. The simple app system from Pet Marvel makes meal planning simple and guarantees that owners do not unintentionally overfeed their pets.


  • 2.5L storage capacity
  • The upgraded smooth grain output structure is there to sustain a continuous flow of food
  • Two power sources
  • Food can be kept for up to 15 days
  • Triple-lock mechanism to keep food fresh

Price: RM236.25 - RM289.00

Where to buy: Shopee

4. Ramboo Nanny Pet Automatic Food Feeder

Pet parents are increasingly using pet food dispensers with cameras. It enables them to communicate, bond, and keep an eye on their children from a distance.

Long trips away from pets will be much more tolerable thanks to the 1080P 90-degree wide-angle camera and two-way speech connection offered by the Ramboo Nanny Pet Feeder. The nicest aspect is how reasonably priced this 6L feeder is.

The Ramboo Nanny Pet Automatic Pet Feeder is ideal for those who are unable to leave their pets behind without interacting with them because of its real-time features.


  • Control by Smart App
  • Real-time snack delivery through the app with recording, photography, and videography features
  • Set a schedule for regular, quantitative meals.
  • able to run the dispenser with your family simultaneously by using the same link and sharing control

Price: RM399

Where to buy: Shopee

5. Xiaomi PETKIT Smart Pet Feeder

No pawrents want to look forward to a messy house. But pets can be a little messy when they eat. Worry no more, the Xiaomi PETKIT Smart Pet Feeder has a cutting-edge rota-table bowl that makes sure food is distributed properly in the bowl without spilling out everywhere.

In addition, the Xiaomi PETKIT Smart Pet Feeder incorporates a concealed food outlet that closes promptly after food is supplied to avoid pets from biting and damaging the food dispenser. Additionally, a low food sensor warns owners, keeping pets from becoming hungry.

It may be suitable for individuals whose pets are significantly picky than others when it comes to food. It is fully pet-friendly and aims to develop healthy behaviors. Additionally, this dispenser prevents your pet from making any messy spills while eating.


  • The base features a built-in weighing sensor that can precisely regulate how much food is used each time
  • Anti-seize; through the cooperation of the mixing food piece and the silicone-deformed impeller, the food can be delivered smoothly
  • Schedule using the PETKIT app
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with a two-week range when fully charged
  • 3 lock system

Price: RM499.00

Where to buy: Shopee