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Alternatives to Oyen Pet Insurance- None!

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Table of content

Alternatives to Oyen Pet Insurance- None!

Being a pawrent comes with various responsibilities, especially when it comes to managing your furkids’ health and wellbeing. No pawrents are willing to see their little ones suffer which means forking out a large sum of money for vet bills may be the only option available.

Without a doubt, vet visits are costly. From consultations to medications. There must have been a time you had to empty your pockets for the sake of your furkid. However, there is definitely a better way to help you prepare for any risky zoomies in the future!

Have you ever heard of pet insurance? Yes! Insurance for your pets is as real as it can get. Similar to human, home or vehicle insurances, pet insurance helps cover for your pet’s expensive vet bills. 

Some may find it foreign but there are pet insurance companies in Malaysia such as Oyen Pet Insurance, MSIG and CG Cover. While these companies exist for the same purpose, it all boils down to which plan is the easiest for pawrents to comprehend and which is the most affordable for them to sign up for.

Unfortunately, CG Cover no longer operates but let’s look at what Oyen and MSIG have to offer in all their differences and similarities when it comes to assisting furkids and their pawrents with hefty sums of vet bills.

Keep your expectations at 100% with pet insurance

If you own cats or dogs and are contemplating getting them insured, be reminded that  it’s never worth risking hundreds and thousands of ringgit on unexpected incidents. Therefore, the best alternative would simply be to opt for pet insurance!

Once you have decided to get your furkids insured, you can finally look at your options and decide which pet insurance company can provide the best plans for your furkid.

Oyen Pet Insurance for the win!

Source: Oyen

As the first digital pet insurance company in Malaysia, Oyen has been up and growing as pawrents’ number one choice. Purchasing and managing furkids’ medical insurance does not have to be complicated and with Oyen, there isn’t a need to submit any physical documents or forms throughout your policy.

Simultaneously, this is an indication that claims can also be done online with zero paperworks and it takes only a few minutes to deal with! This is suitable for those who prefer an easy and quick solution in the midst of a busy everyday life. 

Oyen’s coverage

  • Covers up to RM8,000 of veterinary bills for injuries and/or illnesses
  • Covers overnight stays at the vet, consultations, diagnosis, medications and follow-up treatments
  • Covers up to RM50,000 for third-party liability 
  • Burial and cremation costs of up to RM1,000 
  • Can go to all/any registered vet clinics in Malaysia (no panel)

Sounds more than promising, doesn’t it? Now, you may wonder if your furkid is eligible for Oyen’s insurance plans, the answer is yes if:

  • Cat/dog aged between 12 weeks to 10 years old
  • Dog is microchipped (dogs only)
  • Possess any form of medical certification from a veterinarian (vaccination card or vet bill with owner and pet’s name stated- cats only)
  • Cat or dog is free from pre-existing illnesses/injury before getting insured
  • Dogs aren't banned/restricted breeds by the government, public or local authorities.

MSIG Pet Insurance is on your tail!

Source: MSIG

MSIG is one of the biggest insurers in Malaysia with approximately twenty branches across the country. They offer various insurance plans for humans, vehicles, pets and more. 

There is definitely a need for pawrents to dive deeper if they want to inquire about the claiming process for MSIG’s pet insurance. The purchasing experience may be as smooth sailing as one’s experience with Oyen but the website does not seem to provide an explanation on how pawrents can submit their claims. 

However, it is made clear that MSIG requires one to submit a physical form that can be retrieved from their official website for other insurance products. Some pawrents might be able to overlook this aspect and be intrigued by the insurance plans provided by MSIG for their furkids:

MSIG plans’ coverage

  • Covers up to rm5,000 of veterinary bills for injuries and/or illnesses 
  • Overnight stays at boarding locations if hospitalised 
  • Covers up to rm100,000 for third-party liability 
  • Burial and cremation costs of RM1,000 for all plans
  • Advertising/reward for locating lost pet for RM1,000

Are you sure your furkid is a suitable match for MSIG’s insurance plans? Well, your furkid has to be:

  • Cat/dog aged between 12 weeks to 9 years old
  • Cats and dogs have to be microchipped
  • Cat/dog is free from pre-existing illnesses/injury before getting insured
  • Cat/dog is not a banned breed by the government, public or local authorities 

An insurance plan cheaper than 2 tubs of ice-cream?

Compared to other pet insurance companies in Malaysia, Oyen offers affordable prices for their insurance plans. You can opt for monthly installment or even pay yearly. It makes it a lot easier for pet owners to decide what best suits their budget when clarity about the coverage and prices are presented during the quoting process.

Cats: RM32-RM51/month OR RM299-RM499/year

Dogs: RM51-RM80/month OR RM499-RM799/year


Similar to Oyen, the prices of MSIG’s plans depend on the pawrent’s choice. Although MSIG only provides yearly plans for both cats and dogs, they also allow pet owners to decide which is the best during the purchasing process.

Cats: RM358-RM538/year

Dogs: RM617-RM932/year


Get in touch but one of them can be a bit clingy… 

No matter how responsible and knowledgeable you are as a pawrent, sometimes it is okay to admit that not all of us fully fathom how pet insurance plans work. Worry not! Any concerns or queries can be resolved once you get in touch with the team from the respective companies.

You may easily be in contact with Oyen’s customer care team through WhatsApp. Go to Oyen’s official website and click onto the WhatApp icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. You’ll be connected to their team in no time and they will get to the bottom of your concerns ASAP!

If you wish to contact the team at MSIG, you may ring their customer hotline number at 1-800-88-6744 or fill in a general inquiry form on their website for any questions, feedback or requests. Patience is key because good things take time, pawrents!

You’re at the finish line

Wink, wink. It seems that you’ve been hypnotized by the power of our Oyen light! Now that you’ve come this far and have seemingly made up your mind, go ahead and use code "BESTPETINSURANCE" for RM10 when you sign up with any of Oyen’s plans.