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Instant cover up to RM5,000 on illness
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Why Insure with Oyen?

Purchase your policy online, whenever and wherever you are; no paperwork required.
Submit your claims on our portal and get paid online between 3 - 5 working days after approval. No cheques, no physical form signing - easy.
Visit our approved panel of trusted vet clinics and get the best care for your pet.
If there is no claims in your policy year, a small percentage of your premium* will be donated to an animal NGO of your choice. Contribute to a cause for animal welfare!
From RM19/month

Our plans

RM2,000 medical benefits
RM2,000 death benefits
RM1,000 boarding benefits
RM50,000 third party liability
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RM3,500 medical benefits
RM3,500 death benefits
RM1,500 boarding benefits
RM75,000 third party liability
RM1,000 burial benefits
RM1,000 missing benefits
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Best Value
RM5,000 medical benefits
RM5,000 death benefits
RM2,500 boarding benefits
RM100,000 third party liability
RM3,000 burial benefits
RM3,000 missing benefits
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Complete cover for your companions

We have thoughtfully crafted a coverage that protects a broad range of unlikely events that could happen to your fur friends.
Medical Benefits
Pet fallen ill or injured? Worry not, with Comell protection, your pet will be covered for veteranarian fees for any surgical and medical costs.
Boarding Fees
If your pet needs to spend the night at the vet due to surgery or requires monitoring, Comell will cover you for the pet's stay.
Injury to others caused by your pet
Concern for your pet causing others injuries? Fret not, we're here to pay for potential injuries caused by your pet.

“I love how simple the online interface is to get my dog Jack insured.”

Cassy Harper, Founder

“The coverage are legendary, we wouldn’t dare go elsewhere.”

Andrew Pearce, CTO

“We just loved the flexibility and ease of use of Comell.”

Karla French, Co Founder
Our commitment

We're more than just pet insurance

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