Cat Insurance for British Short Hair

Typically British Shorthair Furmum & dads spend up to RM2,673* on a Persian’s cat medical bill. Give your furbaby the best medical care, and claim the bills after!

Protect your Britsh Short Hair Child with Oyen Pet Insurance today
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Guarantee best medical care for your furbaby

Claim vet bills up to RM8,000

No health check required!

Currently protecting over RM200 million coverage for furkids all over Malaysia (and still counting!)

These furparents opted for Oyen Pet Insurance because:
Get treatment from any clinic - no panels
Zoomies away- Carefree!
Skip the hassle - it’s all paperless & online

We Cover a Wide Range of Illnesses and Injuries

Accidents & Injuries
Accidents, Broken Bones
Chronic Kidney Disease
Ear Infections
Eye Diseases
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
Flu, Fever, Diarrhoea
Heart Diseases
High Rise Syndrome
Skin Diseases

This is just a reference list of pet illnesses and injuries. The final approval of claims is subjected to terms and conditions of Oyen's policy.

Cat Insurance Pricing Plans

From RM299/year

Yearly Save up to 28%
Only yearly plans are eligible for the No Claims Discount (NCD) during renewal and Multi-Pet Discount.


Vet Medical Limit (Annual)
(90% Reimbursement Rate)
Post-Surgical Treatment
Surgical Fees
Consultation Fees
Diagnosis/Blood Test
Prescribed Medication
Clinic Overnight Stay
(per year)
Burial Cost
Third Party Injury Damage
Cat Basic
30 Days
3 Nights
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Cat Champion
60 Days
No Cap
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10% Discount for multiple pets on yearly plans!

Get 10% OFF (2nd pet onwards) when buying multiple plans to cover your furry family - auto-applied!

Bummer of a fact, but British Short Hair Cat Breed are prone to

Lung or Heart Issues

Studies indicate that about 80% of British Short Hairs have upper respiratory infection that is caused by viruses, and even indoor cats are affected!

Kidney Disease

Up to 1 in 3 British Shorthair are susceptible to Kidney related diseases, and the risk is greater when they’re older.

*Based on Oyen Pet Insurance’s database

On an average, these furbabies Mum & Dads spends up to RM2,673* of their savings to treat these two common illnesses. Get Oyen Pet Insurance today, and claim your vet bills today. We reimburse 90% of your vet bills - 10% is co-payment from you.

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Meet our happy Oyen Fam!

Jehan Omar
Furparent of Siti Kylie & Nurul Kendall
When I first adopted 2 stray cats (Siti Kylie and Nurul Kendall), I was worried the financial commitment that would inevitably come with their health care costs. Once, Siti Kylie fell sick, and I was shocked at the bill that came! The fact that I can purchase the coverage online with Oyen makes the process super convenient!
Aiman Kamal
Furparent of Budi & Nadi
Oyen provides me with the peace of mind that my cats (Budi and Nadi) are always protected. Major plus point - it took me just a few minutes to apply with Oyen online!
Yvonne Chin
Furparent of Bailey
I purchased the insurance plan for my Golden Retriever. This has been one of the best decisions I made. The support staff were very friendly and prompt in their response. Each time a submission was made, they got back to me super fast. Submission of my claims are 90% and have definitely saved me a lot with my puppy's medical expenses. Would definitely recommend it.
Razim Zakri
Proud Parent of Ally
I am relieved that there is finally an insurance policy for my beloved cat, Ally. I am comforted knowing that if something unfortunate were to happen, I have Oyen to help reduce some of the financial burden I might face.
Joannemarie Liew
Proud Parent of Caramel
My experience with Oyen has been very positive. Their team has been extremely helpful and attentive. I made a claim for my cat and I got a response from Sarah in less than three hours and my claim is confirmed on the same day!
Dr. Jegatheeban
Proud Parent of Yuki
Thank you for the fast processing and hassle free claims application. Was like a breeze. Took less than 3 days from my application to approve. As first time taking this policy, I will renew for peace of mind from hefty bills for my furry love.

Our customers appreciate what we do

We believe in a collaborative relationship with our customers. We are passionate about providing exceptional service and earning their trust, and in return, we have been gratified by the love our customers show us. One of the key reasons for this mutual affection is our commitment to caring for their pets.