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6 Pet Burial & Cremation Services in Malaysia (Including Costs)

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Table of content

For many pet owners, our fur babies are considered part of the family. Losing a pet is difficult, and we want to ensure that we honour them and lay them to rest peacefully.

To help you navigate the process, this article will explain the costs and differences between pet burial and pet cremation. We’ve also compiled a list of pet burial and cremation services in Malaysia.

Everything about Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is similar to the process of human cremation. The body of the deceased pet is exposed to high heat in order to reduce it to ashes. Then the remains can be placed into an urn.

Types of Pet Cremation

If you choose to have your pet cremated, you can choose from one of the two options below:

  1. Private Pet Cremation

Also known as individual cremation, it guarantees that your pet’s ashes will be returned to you and that it will not be mixed with any other pet’s remains.

With private cremation, some providers will allow the pet owner to be present during the process to say their final goodbyes. Do note that private pet cremation is generally the more expensive option.

  1. Mass Pet Cremation

Mass pet cremation, otherwise known as communal cremation, is the process of cremating several pets in the same chamber. As the ashes of different pets will be mixed together, the ashes will not be returned to the owner.
Pet owners are usually not allowed to be present during the process and the remaining ashes will be scattered by the provider. As this option is not personalised, it is usually much more affordable. 
This is a suitable option for pet owners who prefer to save time and money, or don’t feel the need for an expensive private cremation.

How much does pet cremation cost in Malaysia?

Generally, mass pet cremation starts from RM200 while private pet cremation can cost anywhere from RM400 up to RM1,500.

Benefits of Pet Cremation

  • It’s affordable: While in some cases, you can bury your pet in your own garden, not everyone has access to this option. There’s also a mass cremation option for those who want something more cost-effective. Hence, pet cremation is often more affordable than purchasing a burial plot at a pet cemetery.
  • It’s convenient: This is especially true for those who live in high-rise buildings and do not have easy access to a private garden to bury their pet. Most pet aftercare providers mainly offer pet cremation services, and it can be arranged through a vet.
  • You can “keep” your pet with you: You can keep the pet’s ashes in an urn and bring it home with you. Alternatively, you can also incorporate the ashes into jewellery and carry a memory of your pet with you wherever you go.

Cons of Pet Cremation

  • There’s no physical location to visit: Your friends and family may not be able to visit and pay their respects to your pet. Unless you choose to keep the urn in a pet columbarium.
  • You might not get to keep your pet’s ashes: If you opt for mass cremation, your pet’s ashes will not be returned to you. 

Pet Burial

Some pet owners may choose to bury their pet in their own garden, while others may opt for an official burial plot at a pet cemetery instead. 

How much does pet burial cost in Malaysia?

Burial plots in a pet cemetery will typically cost a minimum of RM5,000 and above. Aside from the physical space and headstone, the cost is also used to cover maintenance and upkeep fees. This ensures that your fur baby’s resting place is always clean and secure.

Benefits of Pet Burial

  • There is a physical place to visit: Some pet owners prefer to visit their pet in a physical burial site to feel closer to their fur babies. If your pet is at a memorial garden, you can be rest assured that the space will be cleaned regularly and looked after by the caretakers.
  • It can be affordable: If you have your own space, you may choose to bury your pet in your home and save costs. But if you choose to do so, ensure that you are doing it correctly. For example, the grave has to be relatively deep to prevent other animals from digging up the remains. Also ensure that you are not burying the pet with non-biodegradable material as that would disrupt the decomposing process.

Cons of Pet Burial

  • You can’t bring your pet with you: Unlike pet cremation, you do not have the option of bringing your pet around in an urn. Furthermore, if you opt for a home burial, you will not be able to bring your pet with you if you move in the future.
  • Home burial is not suitable for pets with diseases: Pets who died of diseases should be cremated as they may still spread their diseases to others. Their deceased bodies will decompose and disperse throughout the soil, possibly infecting other animals and contaminating water supplies. Pets that were put to sleep through euthanasia also contain toxic chemicals in their body that could be fatal to wild animals.

Is it better to cremate or bury your pet?

Ultimately, the choice comes down to you. There is no right or wrong answer, and it depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.
Here are some things to consider that may help you with your decision:

  • What is your budget?
  • Do you stay in a high-rise building or have access to your own private garden?
  • Did you lose your pet to any illnesses?

You should also consider the service providers that are accessible to you and your location. Let’s take a look at some pet burial and cremation services in Malaysia!

Note: We have compiled the following list for your convenience, but we suggest that you do more research to make the best decision for you and your pet.

1. Pets in Peace (Selangor)

If you’re looking for top-quality pet cremation services in Selangor, make sure to check out Pets in Peace. They are highly recommended by many pet owners as the caretakers provide excellent service and are compassionate towards grieving pet parents. 
Their packages are generally said to be affordable. They allow pet owners to observe the cremation process, and will even cater to specific needs and religions.
Services provided include:

  • Pet cremation (e.g. Mass cremation starts from RM200)
  • Pet funeral
  • Sea scattering
  • Buddhist chants

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-6pm
Contact number:
+6016-212 8405


2. My Pet Funeral (Penang)

Image Source: My Pet Funeral

My Pet Funeral, a Penang-based pet cremation provider, has served more than 600 furkids in their final journey. Customers are often pleased with their empathetic approach and reasonable prices.
They offer different cremation packages, with communal cremation starting from RM180 and private cremation ranging from RM300-RM880.
Services provided include:

  • Private cremation (Prices range from RM300-RM800)
  • Mass cremation (Prices start from RM180)
  • Chants
  • Sea scattering

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8am-5pm
Contact number:
+6012-425 2217

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. My Pet Memorial (Johor)

If you’re a pet owner based in Johor, do consider My Pet Memorial’s cremation services. After the cremation, pet parents are given different options on what to do with the remains. You can choose to keep the ashes in an urn, turn them into a memorial token such as paw-shaped stones, or even put the remains in a potted plant.
Services provided include:

  • Pet cremation
  • Memorial products

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8am-5pm
Contact number:
+6016-900 0734


4. Ipoh Pet Funeral Service (Ipoh)

Image Source: Ipoh Pet Funeral Service

Ipoh Pet Funeral Services offers a range of services to pet owners in Ipoh, including door-to-door service, shower clean up and make-up. Pet parents have the option to either cremate their pet or buy them in a spacious burial plot as their final resting place.
Services provided include:

  • Pet cremation
  • Pet burial

Opening hours: Unable to find business opening hours
Contact number:
+6016-515 3305


5. Funerals Malaysia (Selangor)

Image Source: Funerals Malaysia

Funerals Malaysia offers private pet cremation and burial plots at a pet memorial garden that’s taken care of all year round. Although they are located in Semenyih, their services extend to the entire Klang Valley and Penang.
Their comprehensive packages include door-to-door pick up service, pet casket for burial, pet urn for cremation, pet care bag, fresh flowers and a photo frame of your beloved fur baby.
Services provided include:

  • Private pet cremation (Standard package starts from RM450; premium package starts from RM3,000)
  • Pet burial plot (Prices start from RM6,000)
  • Pet columbarium (Standard package starts from RM1,000; premium package starts from RM2,000)

Opening hours: Open 24 hours
Contact number:
+6018-941 4965

Website | Facebook

6. Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden (Selangor and Sarawak)

Image Source: Nirvana Malaysia

As a one-stop funeral service, Nirvana offers everything from pet funerals to cremation and burial services. While Nirvana has many branches across Malaysia, their pet-related services and memorial gardens can be found in Semenyih in Selangor and Sarawak.

Their Sarawak-based counterpart, Nirvana Memorial Park Kuching provides professional pet cremation and burial services for dogs, cats, and other animals. With 138-acres of beautiful landscape and greenery, Nirvana offers the perfect resting place for your fur baby.

Services provided include:

  • Pet cremation (Prices start from RM899 (Selangor) or RM380 (Sarawak))
  • Pet burial plot (Prices range from RM7,500-9,500 (Selangor))
  • Pet funeral service (For dogs and cats only)
  • Pet columbarium (Prices range from RM3,400-5,500 (Selangor))
  • Pick up services (Prices start from RM100 (Selangor)

Opening hours: Open 24 hours (Selangor) | Mon-Sun 8am-5pm (Sarawak)
Contact number:
+6019-913 0013 (Selangor) | +6013-818 6223 (Sarawak)

Website (Selangor) | Facebook (Selangor) | Website (Sarawak) | Facebook (Sarawak)

7. Leo's Pets Cremation and Memorial (Selangor)

Leo's Pets Cremation and Memorial provides a completely personalized cremation service. They aim to help pet owners, who had just lost their loving pet, and wish to say goodbye to them in the most respectful manner.
Their packages comes with Individual or Mass Cremation Service, Urn, Flower, Carcass Cleaning, Ritual Prayer, and Blanket. They offer Columbarium Storage as well. It is well-maintained and cleaned daily. It is indoor, quiet and peaceful environment and safe with secure storage

Leo's Pets Cremation and Memorial have a list of services:

  • Mass Cremate (Price starts from RM150
  • Standard Package (Price starts from RM470)
  • Columbarium Storage (Price starts from RM500)

Opening hours: 9am-5pm
Contact number: +6017-964 3020



It’s heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet, but what we can do is continue to cherish and honour them after their passing. After all, our pets deserve the best.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to treat your loved one to a proper send-off without having to worry about high burial costs? With Oyen Pet Insurance, pet burial and cremation costs from service providers will be covered up to RM1,000.

If you have any pet cremation or burial services to recommend, please reach out to us at

*All information shared above is true at the time of writing. If you find any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the information above, do contact us at for us to amend it immediately.

*Policy terms and conditions apply