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PawPal – Malaysia’s Best Pet Care

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Table of content

Attention to all fur parents! 

Just like me and you, we love our furry kids to the moon and back and want the best personal and health care for them! But how do you know which pet products are the best pet care in Malaysia? Be it in the form of food, fur shampoo, and other pet care products, there are just too many pet ingredients that we should be avoiding!

Likewise, this also applies to our daily (human) cosmetic care products, and we should be more alert and cautious when choosing the right personal care products for our furry kids (even for ourselves)! 

For some of us or our pets, we or they may have sensitive skin prone to allergies, inflammation, and other skin reactions. If this is a frequent issue you are currently facing, then you are on the right track.
In this article, we will be introducing PawPal – Malaysia’s best pet care products, which offer:


PawPal No.1 Hot Selling Products– Cat & Dog Repellent Spray

Cats and dogs are affordable for all animal lovers out there, but they are also a handful! 
If you are a cat owner, you may be looking at a sad-looking couch in the living room or even scratched expensive leather (speaking from my own experience – ouch!). 

Dogs, on the other hand, are super active and require more training than cats. With a repellent spray, you can keep your furry kids away from the couch or certain areas of the kitchen to keep them safe and well-trained to avoid further accidents, especially when you have little humans around. 

Instead of bringing out your disciplinarian in you, using a repellent spray is a softer approach to discipline your pets whilst maintaining their well-being too!
On another note, if you are staying on a landed property, a repellent spray could also help keep strays away from your pets avoiding unnecessary stress for yourself and your pets. This also means a disease-free area safe for you and your family. 

PawPal’s Cat & Dog Repellent Spray is an effective way to repel and train on certain occasions. Made with a natural active ingredient, EGX-101 derived from a wild tomato plant, it is scientifically proven to do its job for up to 12 hours completely safe to use around animals, babies, and food. 

The easiest part? It takes only a few sprays at a designated spot where you want to keep pets away, so you can keep your worries at bay! In doing so, it smells great too with cedar wood fragrance! 

Reduce Your Time Cleaning Up After Your Furry Kids With PawPal’s Pet Area Hygiene Collection

Have a friend who’s planning to visit you but has allergies to furry pets?
PawPal’s Pet Allergen Control helps keep your personal environment at home clean, fresh, and free from allergens created by your pets. Allergens are typically found in furry areas as they are trapped in your pet’s fur. From pet dander, proteins in their saliva or urine, and dust and pollen, are common ways allergens are produced.

Simply spray around your home or office to help reduce common pet allergy symptoms among friends and family members. It also helps cats & dogs that have allergies themselves too! With that, you can have more quality time with your paw pals and with others who have difficulties with allergens from furs.  

Moreover, furs in general are found everywhere in your home such as T-shirts, pants, dresses, and kitchen clothes. With PawPal’s Laundry Pet Hair Remover, this organic and reusable product in the shape of a ball can help keep your laundry free from pet fur as much as possible. By creating friction, it helps to remove pet furs designed to be gentle on clothes keeping your personal environment clean and free from allergens. For how to use instructions, please refer to the link above. 

For a cleaner and fresher personal environment, you could also consider other PawPal’s spray products to help you remove stains and odours, sanitize and deodorise a pet area, and deodorising your cat litter(s) - scented and unscented available. 

Here are a few scenarios as to when you should use them:

  1. PawPal Pet Stain and Odor Remover Spray - Cooling Cucumber Scent - When stains and odours are found on hard and soft surfaces caused by urine and defecation. It also discourages your pet to re-soiling the same area. 
  1. PawPal Pet Area Sanitizer And Deodoriser Spray  - When you experience bad odours from cages, kennels, pet beds/bedding, toys, litter boxes, and more due to the build-up of nasty bacteria. It provides extra cleanliness and fast-acting sanitizer to kill harmful viruses, parasites, and bacteria.
  1. PawPal Bio-D Cat Litter Deodouriser Spray – Forever Fresh Scent – When foul odours from your cat’s litter box are lingering around in your home. A plant-based and pet-friendly natural green tea fragrance extract to eliminate and neutralize bacteria. 
  1. PawPal Cat Litter Deodouriser – Non-Scented Granules – When you need another efficient way to effectively absorb and remove bad odours while drawing moisture away from waste to help clump urine and prolong the period that you can use the litter before needing to replace it, which is suitable for all cat types. 

Can’t Stop Itching? Try Out PawPal’s Flea & Tick Control 

PawPal’s product range in flea and tick control comes in 3 different forms, which are liquid shampoo, powder, and spray powered by plant-based ingredients and easy-to-use instructions. 

Depending on individual preferences, if you are looking for an efficient way to protect your furry kids from fleas and ticks after a walk down in the park or from strays, a long-lasting repellent effect is crucial to prevent infestation from your beloved cats and dogs. 

With either of PawPal’s No Rinse Flea And Tick Pet Shampoo - Floral Fresh or Flea And Tick Control Powder  these products are designated to clean and keep your pet’s coat fresh and feeling smooth while also getting rid of bacteria without using any harsh chemicals such as alcohol or parabens. Simply massage it into your pet’s fur without the need for water or rinsing.

It is also a great way to prevent flea and tick infestation in your children, friends, and other family members nearby while eliminating problems for pets who dislike bath time! 

Pet Antibacterial And Organic Extracts To Calm Your Furry Kids During Their Bath Time

Last but not least, a good-to-great pet grooming experience for your furry kids is an alternative way to bond better with one another.
We feel you! It is never easy to have bath time in peace! 

Some cats or dogs dislike it simply because they don’t have the best experiences. That is why having the best pet grooming products made super easy to use with calming ingredients is a crucial step to having a fun and loving grooming experience. When they are having fun, you are having fun too!

The first step would be to introduce the PawPal Pet No-Rinse Shampoo And Conditioner - Pure Blossom Scent specially designed to hygienically clean, condition, detangle and moisturize both their fur and skin. It also helps to prevent dry and itchy skin with its antimicrobial formula. 

If your beloved cats or dogs have open wounds, fret not! PawPal’s Pet Antimicrobial Wound And Skin Care Spray - Nano Silver helps provide an effective way to eliminate harmful microbes and prevent microbial-induced skin conditions and wounds. With its soothing chamomile extract, it also helps to naturally relieve inflamed areas and prevent constant scratching from irritated areas of their skin potentially increasing their chances of skin infection and/or diseases. 

odorsTo finish off, either PawPal’s Pet Perfume – Floral Essence or Antibacterial Pet Freshener Spray - Pure Blossom Scent is a great way to end the entire pet grooming journey leaving you a clean and fresh coat of fur that you can purchase at an affordable price free from harmful chemicals. 
Want to have that extra cuddly feeling and snuggle up with your furry kids without any foul odors? Try PawPal Today!  


To summarize, any pet parents would want the best and most purr-fect personal care products for their furry kids! 

If you are looking for natural and plant-based ingredients free of harmful chemicals such as alcohol and parabens, which are both damaging ingredients to the fur and skin, PawPal products are one of the best choices up to date in Malaysia.  

After all, happy pets stem from happy owners who care for their pet’s health and well-being!