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17 Must-Get Dog-Friendly Birthday Cakes in Malaysia

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Table of content

Where can you get a dog birthday cake in Malaysia? You are planning for your pup’s next birthday bash and want them to have the best birthday, so you will need a dog cake because it’s the centrepiece of every pup’s special day! 

Fret not as there are plenty of options for your furkid here in Malaysia. In this article, we will be sharing with you the top picks for dog-friendly birthday cakes available for order throughout the country.

Are dog cakes safe for dogs?

The number one question that pet parents have is whether these cakes are dog-friendly. Fortunately, dog birthday cakes or dog cakes are perfectly safe for your precious puppy to consume, as long as you:

  • Research dog-friendly cake ingredients; and
  • Make sure that your dog is not allergic to any of said ingredients

This is because an ordinary human cake contains an extremely high content of sugar and is made with a high gluten flour, which pets like cats and dogs are unable to digest in huge amounts. As a result, there has been a high demand for pet cakes for birthdays and pet-friendly desserts.

Do we have a cake bakery for dogs?

Search the term ‘dog cakes near me’ on Google and these are some of the pet bakery names that will appear. They are mostly home-based but are renowned for their artisan pet treats.

1. Blink Pets Bakery

Image Source: Blink Pets Bakery

Type in dog cakes near me and Blink will appear as a top result. It is a well-known pet bakery serving high-quality handmade treats for furkids of all shapes and sizes! This PJ-based bakery offers a selection of cakes, cookies and savoury treats for your beloved pets.

With 14 years of baking experience, testimonials from happy returning customers are proof of their expertise in their craft.

Prices:Pet Cake - from RM 17
Pet Treats and Cookies - from RM8
Meat Jerky - from RM 8

2. DogElicious Pets Bakery

Image Source: DogElicious Pets Bakery

DogElicious guarantees that only fresh and organic ingredients go into making sweet and savoury treats. This home-based baker in Kajang has been in the dog cakes and pupcakes business for over 10 years. cakes such as blueberry and banana and savoury treats like lamb, chicken or beef cake.

Make sure to order 10 days in advance for them to cater to your individual preferences.

3. Barkery Oven & Friends

Image Source: Barkery Oven & Friends

Founded in 2011, Barkery Oven is a pet bakery specialising in gluten-free and grain-free treats for pets. Their carefully crafted treats are high in nutrition and made from top-grade ingredients, making sure that your furkids benefit from healthy and delicious tasting meals every day.

As for dog barkday cake, you can inquire about the flavours available on offer.


5” Round Shape Barkday Cake - from RM40
7” Bone Shape Barkday Cake - from RM85

4. Manja Pot

Image Source: Manja Pot

Manja Pot bakes their Korean-style pet cakes with clear ingredients and their very own tester to ensure all their products are satisfactory for fellow furry friends. Their pet cakes are a combination of a meat base of your choice and pet-friendly ingredients.

The best part? They deliver around Subang Jaya and Klang Valley.

Price (5” cake):Chicken base - from RM 70
Fish base - from RM 100
Beef base - from RM 130

5. Sugar Cloud Dream

Image Source: Sugar Cloud Dream

Sugar Cloud Dream is a home-based bakery in Kepong baking cakes for both pets and their owners.

There are plenty of cake designs to choose from which are both dreamy to look at and are equally appetising.Prices depend highly on the design and ingredients used, so get in touch with them for a special order of your dog’s birthday cake.

6. Pets Delectable

Image Source: Pets Delectable

Dog cakes are a speciality at Pets Delectable. Fruity, sweet or savoury, they will accommodate your pet cake requests as close to your preference as possible.

If you are interested in pet-friendly treats and snacks, they also offer several options ranging from healthy bak kwa to sweet and milky cookies.

7. Taffy Barkery

Image Source: Taffy Barkery

Contrary to a typical pet bakery, Taffy Barkery sells ready-made pupcake mixes so you can bake your own dog cakes at home! It comes in flavours such as cheese, fish, beef, pork and chicken.

On top of that, you can also check out the assorted freeze-dried treats, hearty snacks as well as their homemade paw shaker for extra flavouring and added nutrition for your precious pups.

Order conveniently from the comfort of your home, as they ship throughout West Malaysia and Singapore.


Pupcake Mix - RM 12.90

Paw Shaker - from RM 13.90

Freeze-Dried Treats - from RM 16.90

8. Furry Treats

Image Source: Furry Treats

Furry Treats primarily focuses on producing healthy pet munchies and supplements, but also takes orders for their famous Paw-ty Meat Cake, a recipe whipped up specifically for celebrating your pet’s special day.

While they are home-based in Sri Petaling, the munchies and supplements are available to order from their website and you can order their cake via their Instagram.

9. Woof and Meow Delights

Image Source: Woof and Meow Delights

Homemade healthy treats are at the heart of Woof and Meow Delights operations.

Made from human-grade ingredients and free from artificial flavourings and preservatives, their dog treats are enjoyable for all dogs. This includes dogs with choosy appetites and particular health conditions.

Based in Setapak and Old Klang Road, they also cater to Singaporean pet parents with a penchant for dog cakes that look too good to be eaten. As cakes are mostly customisable, prices may vary according to your personal preference and instructions.

10. Woofylicious Pet Cake

Image Source: Woofylicious Pet Cake

If you live near Kota Damansara, Woofylicious is a home-based pet bakery in Emporis. Here, the pet cakes are simple in design but richer in flavour. Made from dog-friendly ingredients, your pups will enjoy their exclusively crafted cakes.

Since all orders are individually customised, you can reach out to them via Facebook or Instagram if you are interested.

11. Pawz Bakery - Sri Petaling

Image Source: Pawz Bakery - Sri Petaling

Pawz Bakery is another option for unique and personalised dog cakes. From cakes that look exactly like your pups to a cake of their favourite toy, they are one of the trusted pet bakeries in Malaysia, with over 10 years in the business.

As usual, the price for their puppy cakes depends on your desired design and customisation of the cake. Make sure to place your order at least a week in advance.

Operation hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm

12. Relish The Moment

Image Source: Relish The Moment

Located next to the picturesque Melaka River, Relish The Moment is a cafe that doubles as a backpacker hostel.

It is a charming spot for dogs and pet owners alike.In addition, they also have dog cakes on a made-to-order basis. Check out their Instagram for dog birthday cake ideas.

13. Pets Recipe

Image Source: Pets Recipe

Searching for wholesome pet cakes and snacks? Pets Recipe has an extensive range that you can choose from. Their pet cakes are available in three sizes of 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches with multiple flavour options of meat and vegetables. Did we mention that they only use natural flavourings and colourings?

As for the pet snacks, you can browse from treats of different shapes and sizes. You can easily place an order through their social media pages or Shopee.

Price: Cakes from RM 78.90 to RM 159

14. Oh My Dog Pet Bakery - Johor

Oh My Dog is a Skudai-based pet bakery, offering a variety of sweet and savoury fillings and toppings with their bone-shaped or round cake of your choosing. Additional customisation for dog birthday cakes is also available.

If you are looking for a different kind of dog-friendly dessert, their dog brownie is also a big hit. This unique treat is made from beef liver which is rich in protein and essential vitamins, all good nutrients for your dog.


Round Cake - from RM 45
Bone-Shaped Cake - from RM 50

15. Me Treats

Image Source: Me Treats

Ipoh pawrents and pups, there is an amazing pet bakery in town. Home-based Me Treats sells healthy treats and customised dog cakes, perfect for all pups.

Slide into their DMs to order your dog’s next birthday cake.

16. Kiroro Pet Food Worker

Image Source: Kiroro Pet Food Worker

Home-based in Puchong, Kiroro accepts orders for pet cakes, cookies and special pet-friendly treats like their sakura-shaped doughnuts. Order 2 days in advance if you want your precious pups to try their dog cakes.

Check out their Instagram to browse the doggy delights and puppy cakes on offer.

17. Furball Bakery

Image Source: Furball Bakery

Sabahan pet parents, we have good news for you! Furball Bakery opened its doors to catering for your pup’s special day. Their dog birthday cakes are made from wholesome ingredients such as coconut flour, pumpkin and chicken meat.

Feel free to contact them for dog cakes customisation or to survey their extensive menu.

What cakes are allowed for dogs?

When looking for dog birthday cakes or puppy cakes, safety is every pet parent´s top priority. So, what makes a pet cake or dog cake ‘safe’?

The key to a dog-friendly cake lies in its building blocks, the ingredients

Safe ingredients for dog birthday cakes

Some of the ingredients that you can incorporate into a dog cake include (are not limited to) the following:

  • Grain-free flours (eg. Chickpea flour, almond flour and coconut flour)
  • Carrots
  • Pumpkin
  • Strawberries
  • Potatoes
  • Goat milk powder
  • Bananas

Avoid using toxic ingredients such as chocolate, grapes, coffee and nutmeg when baking a dog cake as these ingredients are harmful to your dog’s digestion and overall health.

Allergen ingredients to look out for

Similar to humans, dogs can also be allergic to certain ingredients. So while every care is taken in preparing a puppy cake, you may need to keep an eye out for these ingredients:

  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • Wheat (Gluten)
  • Beef

Unsure which ingredient your pup is allergic to? Discuss with a local expert and make an appointment at your nearest vet clinic for a checkup. While it may seem trivial, being on top of your pet’s health is highly convenient in the long run.

A lot of pet owners tend to overlook the need for a checkup as they are routine, which can amount to a costly bill. This is when having pet insurance can come in handy. Looking after your dog’s health has never been easier!

Oyen Pet Insurance offers fuss-free, easy-to-claim insurance packages which are doggie-friendly and are also easy on your pocket.

How to DIY a dog cake?

If you want to give pet baking a go, here are some delectable recipes for a dog cake to try over a weekend. They are easy to follow and are made from accessible ingredients you can get from your local supermarket.

1. Peanut Butter and Applesauce Pupcake
This straightforward recipe courtesy of Crazy for Crust makes a 6-inch cake, and it uses less than 10 ingredients! It’s the perfect recipe if you are baking a pupcake for the first time as it only takes 30 minutes from prepping to baking. Your dog will definitely enjoy the whipping cream frosting.

2. Meat Lover’s Dog Cake
This savoury meat cake by Personal Creations will have every dog coming back for second helpings. It has a similar texture to meatloaf and is made from nutrient-rich ground beef, carrots and peas. Overall, the ingredients make this an easy on the pocket recipe.

3. No-Bake Pet Cake
Short for time? This no-bake cake from Created by Diane is a quick and effortless recipe you can whip up at home. It is suitable for both cats and dogs, depending on whether you use cat or dog food as its base, with peanut butter and pumpkin puree to secure the structure.

4. Mug Pupcake
Want an even quicker recipe? Try Bitz & Giggles take on this pup-friendly mug cake. A simple mixture of flour, peanut butter, water and vanilla extract, 90 seconds in the microwave and a layer of frosting later and voila! You have made an easy and delicious dog mug cake.

5. Grain-Free Zucchini Pupcake
For more health-conscious pet parents, this dog cake recipe by Kol’s Notes hits the flavour notes just right. Made from grain-free flour, zucchini, feta cheese and sundried tomato, your furkid will enjoy this tasty treat.


In summary, there are plenty of options for buying dog cakes and treats, whether you are based in KL, Selangor or even East Malaysia. Although a traditional pet bakery is still a rarity in Malaysia, these home bakers have certainly established their pet cake baking prowess. With options ranging from sweet to savoury, different cake shapes and a mixture of flavours, there are plenty of dog cake options to fulfil every dog’s appetite.