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Top 11 Must Buy Dog Toys In Malaysia (price, features & more)

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Table of content

Dog toys are pet parent essentials to keep your pup occupied and entertained throughout the day. It's not uncommon for pet owners to get stuck in the loop of buying dog toy after dog toy, only to have their pup not like any of them.  

Every dog is unique, meaning they have varying preferences. We have reviewed the best dog toys in Malaysia for you and categorized them into one of the following five categories: 

  • Anxious puppies 
  • Aggressive chewers 
  • Active puppies 
  • Curious puppies 
  • Teething puppies

This list will help you make an informed decision on the best dog toy for your pup. Without further ado, here are the top 11 best dog toys you should get for your pooch today!

1. Henry Wag Rope Buddy

Image source: Ride-away

If your dog is often left alone at home, Henry Wag Rope Buddy could be its new (and long-term!) friend.

This dog toy is crafted from soft cotton to ensure your dog feels comfortable playing around with it. It's also durable and hard-wearing, so you don't have to worry about your four-legged friend chewing the toy apart.  

These high-quality plush dog toys are perfect for cuddling too. It helps provide comfort to pups when they are away from home and reduces stress. This dog toy's lightweight and compact aspect allows it to be easily carried around when traveling with your pet. 

Best for: aggressive chewers or anxious puppies  

Price range: ~RM 37 

Where to buy: Ride-away 

2. KONG Classic Dog Toy

Image source: Shopee

KONG Classics is a well-known USA brand producing quality dog toys for over forty years. This all-red red rubber ball is a must-have dog toy to help satisfy their instinctual needs and active nature.

This kong toy is suitable for playing fetch games with your dog in both outdoors and indoor settings. 

Besides that, Kong dog toys come in four different sizes to ensure it is suitable for dogs of all sizes and chewing strength. KONG Classics is recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide for all types of dogs. 

Best for: teething puppies and anxious puppies 

Price range: ~ RM35 to RM76

Where to buy: Shopee // Amazon

3. IQ Training Puzzle

Image source: Shopee

Dog puzzle toys are an excellent option for providing mental stimulation for your pup and teaching them problem-solving skills.

This dog puzzle toy is made from high-quality plastic material that you can easily clean with water and mild soap. 

Moreover, this IQ Training Puzzle comes with three variations of challenges for your furry friend to play around with. This makes it suitable for dogs with separation anxiety, as the toy is challenging enough to keep your dog distracted while you're away.

In other words, this dog puzzle toy serves as an avenue for self-entertainment and emotional relief. 

Best for: anxious puppies or curious puppies 

Price: RM 23.90

Where to buy: Shopee 

4. Squeaky Chew Toy

Image source: The Collar Bone

Shaped like a brown puppy, this squeaky dog toy is made of real cowhide leather. Therefore, you can expect this squeaky toy for dogs to be soft, chewy, and also flexible. It can withstand rough chewing and be easily carried around the household. 

This squeaky toy design ensures that your fur babies have healthy teeth and gums while chewing on this toy. Furthermore, this chew toy is equipped with attention-grabbing, loud sounds that will surely keep any dog who likes squeaker toys entertained for hours. 

Best for: anxious puppies or teething puppies 

Price: RM 69 

Where to buy: The Collar Bone

5. Dog Chew Stick

Image source: Shopee

This dog chewer is made of durable thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) rubber material that's bite-resistant and flexible. The stick design and bright colors will attract your pet to play with it. Although it's bendable, this dog chew stick will not easily break or wear off. 

Other than that, you can hide your pup's favorite dog food in the toy. As your dog plays around and bites the edges of the chew stick, he'll also knock out his favorite snack to savor it. Your dog will undoubtedly love this toy, even more so when treats are involved!

Best for: aggressive chewers 

Price range: ~ RM 3 to RM 7

Where to buy: Shopee

6. DUDU Pet Rubber Bone Toy

Image source: Lazada

Chewing rubber bone toys is a favorite obsession for many pet dogs. With a stellar 4.7 stars rating, this dog chewer is definitely a go-to toy for many dog parents. It’s made of non-toxic, flexible, and durable material to accommodate the powerful jaws and sharp teeth of dogs. 

This product has gentle dental bugs and bristles to help clean teeth. It comes in four different bright colors to attract the attention of dogs. However, do note that this dog toy may not be suitable for small or young dogs as the material may be too hard for them. 

Best for: aggressive chewers or active dogs 

Price: RM 5.90 

Where to buy: Lazada 

7. Interactive Snuffle Mat 

Image source: Shopee

This interactive snuffle mat allows your pet dog to release energy by foraging through the mat to get their favorite treats. You can hide dog treats in the snuffle mat and let your pup use its brain and nose to find them. This is a method of slow feeding that’s good for digestion too. 

The Interactive Snuffle Mat comes with a soft fleece upper with anti-slip bottom, ensuring your dog is safe while rummaging through the mat. This snuffle toy can be machine or hand-washed, depending on your convenience. 

Moreover, snuffling helps your pet dog burn off extra calories and stay fit without having to go outdoors. Some pet experts even say that 10 minutes of snuffling equates to an hour of running! This snuffle toy is also suitable for dogs of all sizes. 

Best for: curious puppies 

Price: ~ RM 64 

Where to buy: Shopee 

8. HANRY Silicone Flying Saucer / Frisbee

Frisbees are a must-have outdoor dog toy. It's an excellent choice of interactive dog toy that you can play with your pup and consequently bond over. 

This frisbee is made of chew-resistant silicone material, making sure it's sufficiently durable to withstand the aggressive chews of your four-legged friend. It comes in six different colors and three size options. 

Additionally, this frisbee's lightweight and ergonomic design allows it to be tossed around easily and reach long distances.  

Best for: active dogs or aggressive chewers 

Price range: ~ RM 5 to RM 9

Where to buy: Shopee 

9. Nocciola Dog Squeaky Toys

Image source: Amazon

This squeaky toy for dogs is made of 100% natural wool to resemble real animal fur and produce a soft plush texture. The extra nylon webbing beneath the surface of these squeaky toys provides added protection. 

With nine interactive squeakers in the head of this squeaky dog toy, your pup will definitely stay entertained while playing. As this squeaky toy is not stuffed with anything, you don't have to worry about your dog accidentally swallowing or choking on any dangerous stuffing. It's also safe to put this dog toy in the washing machine. 

Although the cost is on the more expensive side, these squeaky toys' quality definitely makes up for it. In fact, there are over 250 happy customer reviews reporting that their dogs love this toy.  

Best for: anxious puppies or teething puppies 

Price: ~ RM 168 

Where to buy: Amazon 

10. Wooden Antler Dog Bite

Image source: Lazada

Unlike other dog chewers, this dog chewer toy comes in an attractive shape of a wooden antler. It's an eco-friendly dog toy made of wood fiber from natural pine trees. Though this dog chewer has a mild fragrance, rest assured that there are no added flavors. The citrusy smell is natural from pine trees. 

This dog chewer also has no splinters and is therefore non-toxic and safe for dogs. Most pet owners highly recommend this product for hyper-energetic dogs. This is because your dogs can bite on them to relieve boredom. 

Best for: aggressive chewers or active dogs  

Price: ~ RM 22

Where to buy: Lazada 

11. Chompion Dog Toy

JW Pet Company is a trusted brand that designs intricate toys to keep pets entertained. This dog rubber bone chew toy is made of durable natural rubber that's certified non-toxic. Apart from chewing, this heavy-weighted toy is also suitable for playing fetch or tug-of-war. 

Chompion Dog Toy also fulfills the vital aspects of dog chewers: durability, longevity, and sturdiness. The texture of this dog toy helps to clean off plaque and maintain good teeth health without causing any irritation. Moreover, this toy comes in three different size options to ensure it fits the size of your dog's jaw. 

Best for: aggressive chewers or active dogs  

Price: ~ RM 67

Where to buy: Amazon 


Investing in good-quality dog toys ensures your dogs don't feel bored and lonely. We hope this list has helped you navigate through choosing the right dog toy for your pup. 

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