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The Ultimate Corgis Guide in Malaysia (care tips, price & breed info)

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Table of content

The Ultimate Corgis Guide in Malaysia (care tips, price & breed info)

Are you thinking of buying or adopting a pet Corgi? Have you always wondered what it's like to have these precious pups around?

If yes, read on to find out more about these lovable, munchkin-like dogs and whether they are the perfect pet for your home.

We will be looking at all things Corgi-related — their history and origins, who are the ideal owners, compatibility with children and other pets, common health problems, different types of corgis, their behaviour and tips on caring for corgis to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

Corgis History and Origin

Corgis, those lovable short-legged companions, have a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the Celtic warriors of ancient Europe. Specifically, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi, two distinct breeds, hail from Wales, where they were used as herding dogs for cattle. Their low stature allowed them to nip at the heels of the cattle, a trait that made them invaluable to farmers.

The word Corgi originated from Welsh, which means dwarf dog, where ‘cor’ means dwarf and ‘ci’ (later evolved to ‘gi’) means dog. The Welsh Corgi is a well-known dog breed with a long body and short legs. 

In Welsh folklore and the fairy world, corgis (the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in particular) were believed to be the noble steeds for fairies and pulling carriages during mighty battles in the fae world.

This is said to be their role before they were trained to herd cattle.

Corgis are famous for their association with Queen Elizabeth II, who has owned a series of them during her reign. Their presence in the royal family has only enhanced their popularity worldwide. These affectionate and intelligent dogs have become much-loved pets in homes across Malaysia and the globe.

Corgis Ideal Owner

The ideal owner for a Corgi is someone who appreciates an active and sociable canine companion. Corgis are energetic and thrive on regular exercise and mental stimulation. They love being a part of the family and may suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods.

Corgis are known for their intelligence, which makes them quick learners, but they also have a bit of stubbornness. 

A patient and consistent owner who can provide proper training and establish boundaries will have a happy and well-behaved Corgi. If you have a sense of humor and can appreciate their quirky, low-slung appearance, a Corgi might be the perfect addition to your household!

Corgis with Children and Other Pets

Corgis are generally great with children and can make excellent family pets. Their playful nature and sturdy build make them suitable playmates for kids.

However, early socialization is essential to ensure they get along well with other pets, as Corgis can sometimes exhibit herding behaviors, like nipping at heels.

Corgis are generally robust and healthy dogs, but they can be prone to certain health issues.

Corgis Common Health Problems

  • Hip Dysplasia: This is a common issue in Corgis due to their long spine and short legs. Proper nutrition and exercise management can help reduce the risk.
  • Obesity: Corgis love to eat, and their stocky build makes them susceptible to weight gain. Owners must monitor their diet and ensure they get enough exercise.
  • Degenerative Myelopathy: This is a neurological condition that affects the spinal cord. While not exclusive to Corgis, it's a concern in the breed.
  • Eye Problems: Corgis can be prone to eye issues such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and cataracts. Regular vet check-ups are crucial for early detection and treatment.

Characteristics of a Corgi

Corgis are loving, playful and family-friendly dogs. They are famous for their fluffy bottoms, cute face and short legs, kind of like munchkin cats and dachshunds. 

The best part of caring for corgi in Malaysia? Its dense, water-resistant double coat fares well in most weather conditions, including our tropical climate.

Corgis have a high level of intelligence, which means that they are easily trained. Training is key in ensuring that corgi pups grow to be well-behaved dogs. Otherwise, they can get quite bossy and will try to do things their way. 

It is noted that although corgis make a great family pet and are loyal to their families, they may not be suitable for households with small children (younger than 5 years old). As they are bred for herding, they might not be able to tolerate a baby’s crying and noises compared to a home without babies.

With that said, instilling corgi from an early age with extensive training will result in a better adjustment for both your pet corgi and your family.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi vs Cardigan Welsh Corgi 

Did you know that there are more than just one type of corgi breed?

There are two main types of Corgis, which are the Pembroke Welsh and the Cardigan Welsh. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the more popular and preferable pet choice when it comes to having a pet corgi in Malaysia.

Up until nearly 80 years ago, the distinction of Corgis was not acknowledged up until the 1930s, when both the English Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club (AKC) acknowledged the two types of corgis.

But what differentiates the two types of corgis? Let’s take a look.

describing the differences between pembroke corgi and cardigan corgi

Differences between Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis can grow up to 12 inches and weigh up to 30 pounds, whereas the Cardigan Welsh is can grow up to half an inch taller and weigh a tad heavier than its cousin. As a result, the Cardigan Welsh is larger and has a longer body compared to the Pembroke Welsh.

One of the distinctive features of Cardigan Welsh Corgis is their big, round ears whereas Pembroke Welsh Corgis have tall and pointy ears. 

Another apparent contrast between the two is the fluffy foxtail which is noticeable on a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. On the other hand, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi normally has its tail docked, so it appears to have either a short tail or bobtail (without a tail).

We are very familiar with Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s signature colour of fawn with white markings, but they also come in red, sable and a combination of black and tan.

On the other hand, the Cardigan has a wider variety of colours, with the tricolour combo of white, black and tan being the most common. Other colours are sable and white and blue merle and white.

The Pembroke Welsh is an outgoing and lovable pup, always up for a round fetch or a walk around your neighbourhood. It is also highly adaptable and adjusts well to a new environment. A similar thing can be said about the Cardigan Welsh however, it is more reserved, but will get equally excited for playtime.

How much does a corgi cost?

Corgis are generally a low-maintenance pet, but also notoriously known for their sky-high price tag, with corgi pups costing anywhere from RM3,300 and up to RM10,000!

The reason for the high corgi price is simple. The fame tied to its name and the increasing demand for these adorable pooches has driven its price up. Plus, buying from a reputable breeder or a shelter can also be a contributing factor, considering the care that has been taken to ensure the breeding standards are met.

Where can I buy/adopt Corgis in Malaysia?

So you have spent days or months thinking of getting a pet corgi in Malaysia, but where can you start your search?

In general, online websites such as Mudah and platforms like Facebook groups are a great place to start, as you get to network with fellow corgi fans and enthusiasts, as well as potential breeders who would share relevant info and expertise on corgi adoption and buying a corgi.

If you would like to go through with your plans, here’s where else you can look:

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is true at the time of writing, and although we suggest these platforms to aid in your buying/adopting process, we highly advise you to take extra precautions when dealing with online sellers to avoid getting scammed.


  • Furkid Dreamland - A leading corgi breeder in Malaysia specialising in corgi care and preparing corgis for dog shows. You can also check out their Facebook Page where they keep their information up-to-date.

  • My Pets Library - Malaysia’s first online platform where dog buyers and sellers are connected for a safer and more trusted experience. Facebook reviews indicate that they provide excellent customer service and advice for first-time pet owners.

  • Mudah - As the go-to website for anything from secondhand cars and furniture, you can check out Mudah to look for corgis up for sale in Malaysia. Corgi prices are openly advertised on the website.


  • PetFinder - Whether you are looking to adopt a corgi pup, other dogs or cats, PetFinder can connect you to adorable pets looking for a loving home.

  • MY Corgi Club (Malaysia) 馬來西亞哥基犬俱樂部 - This is a great group to join if you are searching for corgis for adoption in Malaysia, as they will provide information on potential breeders and sellers to help you with your decision.

Tips when buying/adopting a Corgi

As a conscious pet buyer and future pet parent, here’s what you can do to ensure a safe and smooth transaction and experience:

  • Ask the seller or shelter about the pup’s health history to get more information on possible genetic illnesses.
  • If at any point in the negotiation, you feel like some details are amiss, ask your family or friends for a second opinion.
  • It is encouraged to adopt or buy and raise a corgi from a pup as you will be more familiar with its individual temperament and habits.

  • If you are going for an adult corgi, get as much information as possible from the seller, breeder or shelter if adopting. This is to ensure that you are well-prepared.

Looking after a Corgi 

Good news for future corgi parents — corgis are low maintenance pups and easy to look after. If you are an active, outdoorsy person then having a corgi as a pet would be a (literal) walk in the park, because that is one of the things that your furbaby needs.

Of course, caring for a corgi is more than just daily runs in the park and plenty of playtime.


How often should corgis be sent for grooming? 

Due to its double coat, frequent brushing is highly recommended as the shedding amount may vary, especially in Malaysia’s tropical climate. Thanks to their water-resistant coats, corgis do not need to be bathed as often.

When in doubt, check with your local groomer or a fellow pet parent to ensure your furkid gets first-rate pampering.

Playtime & exercise for Corgis

How much playtime do corgis require? Corgis in Malaysia fit right at home, whether you are living in a high-rise or landed property. 

With that said, as a canine with an athletic build and a herding nature, corgis are naturally active, so taking them on daily walks and jogs around the neighbourhood or local park will do wonders in maintaining your pooch’s weight, health and wellbeing. 

Additionally, as an intelligent breed, corgis require training to discipline them. Training them from early on as corgi pups are encouraged to make sure that they are well-behaved. It will also help to tone down their herding instinct, which can make them bossy and have their way of doing things. 

Corgi diet & nutrition

When it comes to feeding, your dog deserves high-quality and nutrition-packed meals, and corgis are no exception to this rule. 

Corgis are not particularly fussy with food as long as you feed them according to their age and their activity levels. They enjoy mealtimes as much as their human family does but they also tend to overeat, which can lead to excessive weight gain if indulgence is encouraged.

As such, keeping an eye on their food intake and portions, coupled with regular exercise will help cuddly corgis stay in shape.

Additional tips: caring for Corgis in Malaysia

  • Corgis are highly sociable dogs, so they would greatly benefit from occasional visits to doggy day cares for playtime with other dogs. 
  • Although corgis are known to be active, they are also prone to back pain due to their long bodies and short legs. Do avoid activities involving jumps and keep a close eye on them when they are near staircases. 

Corgi healthcare & insurance

Medical Checkups - Once a year. Similar to our health, our furkids also require regular health maintenance to ensure that they live the long, healthy and happy life that they deserve.

Dental, Nail and Ear Care - It is highly recommended to brush your pet corgi’s teeth regularly, daily if possible to ensure optimal gum and dental health. Check their ears every week for possible infection and trim their nails if needed.  

Genetic Health Conditions to Be Aware Of -  The corgi breed is predisposed to a few genetic health conditions such as hip dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and hypothyroidism. Proper care which includes plenty of exercise and maintaining a healthy diet will ensure that your pup is in its best health.

Health Insurance for Corgis - One of the best steps you can take to ensure your pup’s health and wellbeing are protected, is by having pet insurance. At Oyen, we believe that your furry friends deserve the best, especially when it comes to their overall wellness. We offer a comprehensive insurance package that covers everything from vet treatments, health screenings as well as surgeries and overnight stays at the clinic if required.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a pet corgi (or any pets) is a rewarding and fulfilling role that potential pet parents can take on. With ample research and the right tools, food and care can ensure that your corgi lives an enjoyable life in your family home.

Plus, considering the importance of your furkid’s health, opting for Oyen’s pet insurance is one of the best things you could do to guarantee your pet is at its best in its prime years and throughout their life.