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British Shorthair Cats Guide in Malaysia (For Sell, Adopt & Care Tips)

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Table of content

Are you looking to buy or adopt a British Shorthair (BSH) cat in Malaysia? Have you been wondering what they’re like and what it takes to have this fancy feline as a pet? 

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, read on to learn more about British shorthair cats and whether they are the perfect addition to your family. There is more than meets the eye to this popular cat breed. 

We’ll be looking at the different colours of British shorthair cats, their behaviour, diet and grooming needs as well as where you can look into buying or adopting this cat. 

What are British Shorthair cats?

The British Shorthair is one of the world’s oldest cat breeds. True to its name, it originated from Great Britain, where it was believed to be imported by Romans before interbreeding with local cat species.

Since then, there has been a variety of British shorthair all around the world, thanks to its distinctive short and thick coat and signature ‘Cheshire smile’, making them one of the world’s famous cat breeds.

The colours of British Shorthair

British shorthair cats in Malaysia mainly have plush blue-ish grey coats, commonly known as the British Blue. Apart from that, they also come in several other hues, such as white, golden orange, and also lilac, which is a lighter shade from British Blue.

Aside from single solid colours, British shorthairs come in a variety of colour combinations.

Here are some of them:

  • Tabby (classic, mackerel and spotted) eg. British shorthair in white with lilac or British Blue markings
  • Calico (tricolour) eg. British shorthair in orange with streaks of white and black

What are the characteristics of British Shorthair cats?

British shorthair cats are laid back, easygoing creatures that can be a great addition to your family home. 

Here are some notable traits of a British shorthair:

  • Family-friendly: When introduced as a kitten, the British shorthair can easily adjust to a new environment; whether it is to a family home or included with other cats and dogs. They can be very lovable and will fit comfortably into your home.
  • Playful: Although British shorthair cats may seem lazy at first glance, they have quite a playful nature. Similar to other cats, they enjoy spending quality time with their humans. They may even surprise you with ‘hunting’ gifts such as small birds or even mice, should they find any.

  • Independent: British shorthairs value their ‘me’(ow) time as much as they do playtime. They will hang around you for affection and attention, but you will not find them particularly enthusiastic when picked up or put on a lap.

Where can you buy/adopt British Shorthair cats in Malaysia?

So, how much does a British shorthair cost? Are they expensive?

British shorthair prices vary greatly, depending on the cat’s colour, age and type of breed (mixed or purebred). British shorthair kittens are priced from RM1,200 and can cost up to RM12,000 for adult cats.

In short, yes British shorthair cats in Malaysia are generally expensive due to their unique traits of an immaculate, thick and short coat of fur, as well as bright eye colours.

If you have been thinking of buying or adopting, here’s where to look:



Some of the Facebook groups offer British shorthair cats in Malaysia both for sale and adoption, so do keep a lookout on the group posts. 

Do note that this list was created based on simple research to offer more comprehensiveness to this blog post. Oyen is not affiliated with any of the brands, companies or individuals selling or looking to rehome their pets. We are also not liable for any purchases or adoptions from any of the names mentioned in this blogpost. Always do your own thorough research before buying or adopting a pet, do read more tips below.

Tips when buying & adopting British Shorthair cats

The internet has made pet adoption and buying a lot easier for the public. Simply search ‘british shorthair for sale’ (or adoption) on a search engine or social media and it will return hundreds and thousands of results.

However, it is important to carry out your due diligence and remain cautious, especially when buying a British shorthair cat. 

Here are tips to ensure your safety and red flags to avoid when negotiating and dealing with cat sellers online: 

  • Always do thorough research when planning to buy or adopt a pet. This is a golden rule before being a pet parent for any pets.

  • If buying from a website, make sure the website is legitimate. You can do this by reading reviews or checking on Trustpilot.

  • Join Facebook groups offering reliable information on cats for sale or adoption. Group members will usually alert other members of any scammers.
  • If the advertisement, price, or both seem too good to be true, it probably is. Ask for a second opinion if you come across vague and suspicious details, as it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Before making payment, make sure that you obtain all relevant information. This includes photos and the location of the seller (by arranging a pickup or a meet up). If they are located beyond your location, ask for a video call before arranging for a pet taxi service.

Looking after British Shorthair cats in Malaysia...

As a reputable and one of the most distinguished cat breeds, British Shorthair cats require special care to ensure their overall wellbeing and contentment in your family home.

Feeding tips for British Shorthair cats

British Shorthairs require a protein-rich diet to fulfil their carnivorous needs, maintain a healthy weight and their sturdy build. 

Freshly cooked meat such as chicken, beef and turkey are some of the best choices of food that you can feed them. Alternatively, canned or packaged wet food is the next best option, as long as it consists mainly of meat.

It is important to note that while British shorthair loves to eat and would not turn down the temptation of a good meal, it is important to be mindful of their meal portions. This particular breed can be prone to certain health conditions if they become obese, so do plan their meals accordingly.

Grooming a British Shorthair cat

Thanks to their short and dense coat, British shorthair cats do not require as much grooming compared to their long-haired relatives.

As a general rule, combing their coat weekly is sufficient but you can increase the brushing frequency to prevent excessive shedding, especially if you live in an air-conditioned home. Apart from that, occasional nail trimming and ear cleaning are more ways to keep your British shorthair cat looking neat and clean.

Keeping British Shorthair cats healthy

British shorthair cats are generally healthy but may be prone to certain genetic diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and Hemophilia B. The good news is that these can be avoided through the tips below:

  • Feed them highly nutritious food with suitable servings for their age and level of activity
  • Take them for regular checkups and screenings at the vet for any possible health conditions
  • Adopt or buy from a trusted breeder to make sure that the British shorthair kitten or cat is well taken care of
  • Ensure sufficient playtime to keep them physically fit

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To sum up, British shorthair cats make great companions and a perfect first pet. Though they come at a higher price tag, they are easy to look after, as long as you make ample time to keep them entertained and allow for a certain degree of independence, which they are naturally good at.

Additionally, by opting for pet insurance, such as comprehensive insurance plans offered by Oyen, you can further guarantee that your pet’s health, safety and wellbeing are always covered.