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10 Best Pet Sitters In KL & Selangor (checklist, rates, differences & more)

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As traveling is now allowed, you definitely have plans to fill your traveling quota and leave you worried about your pets at home. If you live in KL and Selangor, why not try finding pet sitters instead of cat boarding?

You can hire a pet sitter and let him/her look after your pets at the comfort of their own home. Sounds cozy, right?

What is a pet sitter?

First of all, what is a pet sitter?

A pet sitter is a person who comes over to your house and looks after your pets. Instead of sending your pets to a pet boarding or hotel, a pet sitter can come over, feed, play with your pets, and clean the litter. 

What are the differences between pet sitters and pet boarding?

  • Pet sitters

Pet sitters come to your home to look after your pets. Make sure the pet sitters are trusted individuals or from legit agencies.

Hence, in this article, you will be provided with information on the best and trusted pet sitters in KL and Selangor, their rates, other information, and why you should hire them.

  • Pet boarding 

On the other hand, pet boarding is when your pets stay at a boarding facility with other pets. It has a playground for your pets to play and other pets to encourage socializing.

Hence, to help you choose, consider these issues:

  • Do you trust a stranger to come to your house and look after your pets?
  • How do the rates differ? Which one suits your budget more?
  • What should you prepare for pet boarding or pet sitting?

Considering all the three issues should help you decide the best for your little friends. Remember, your choice should also allow you to feel at ease, not anxious.

The 10 best pet sitters in KL and Selangor

Here, we have listed the best cat pet sitters for your reference. Not only that, we also list other pet sitters just for you! 

1. Juan Petsitter

Juan has the best pet sitter profile in petbacker. She is a stray advocate and she often rescues and cares for strays. She also has the ability to take care of sick pets. She is available to be booked in Petaling Jaya and around the Klang Valley area.

Pets: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Reptiles 

Pet Size: 1-10kg

Traveling Distance: 5-20km

Rate: RM50/visit

Get Service: Juan Petsitter

2. Klang Valley Grace Pet Nanny

Grace really loves pets and she always ensures your pets are well taken care of when you're out traveling or on a date. She is available to be booked around Petaling Jaya and Bangsar.

Pets: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Reptiles 

Pet Size: 1-40kg

Traveling Distance: 1-5km

Rate: RM25/visit

Get Service: Klang Valley Grace Pet Nanny

3. Nicky Pets Sitting

Nicky has the ability to care for sick pets and doesn't mind taking care of strays. She is  well trained and loves the company of pets around her. Being with pets has allowed her to be able to detect any problems with your pets.

Pets: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Reptiles 

Pet Size: 1-40kg

Traveling Distance: 5-20km

Rate: RM10/visit

Get Service: Nicky Pets Sitting

4. Prish Pet-Sitting Services

Prish is a Selangor pet sitter and has the best ability to interact and connect with your pets to understand them. He is well trained and has ultimate love for pets.

Pets: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Reptiles 

Pet Size: 1-40kg

Traveling Distance: 5-20km

Rate: RM70/trip

Get Service: Prish Pet-Sitting Services

5. PawgwartsKL-Pet Sitting

Priyanka is a KL pet sitter who has ample experience taking care of multiple cats. She is also able to adapt to each pet’s needs and wants. She also can stay overnight at your house to make sure your pets are accompanied.

Pets: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs

Pet Size: 1-5kg

Traveling Distance: 1-20km

Rate: RM25/visit

Get Service: PawgwartsKL-Pet Sitting

6. Lee Ai Fern

Ai is a well-known pet lover among her clients. She is friendly and keeps the house clean as well. She is also able to stay overnight to care for your pets.

Pets: Cats, Dogs

Pet Size: 1-5kg

Traveling Distance: 1-20km

Rate: RM30/visit

Get Service: Lee Ai Fern

7. Wendy SS2 Pet Sitting Service

Endy is one of a kind. She really loves pets. She herself looks after many kinds of pets such as hen, rooster, hamsters, cats, terrapin, and beagle dogs.

Pets: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Reptiles, Guinea Pigs, Birds

Pet Size: 1-40kg

Traveling Distance: 20-50km

Rate: RM25/visit

Get Service: Wendy SS2 Pet Sitting Service

8. Feli Dog Sitting

Being a retiree, Felicia has all the time in the world to take good care of your pets, especially dogs. She can also prepare a special diet for your pets upon request.

Pets: Dogs

Pet Size: 1-40kg

Traveling Distance: 1-20km

Rate: RM38/visit

Get Service: Feli Dog Sitting

9. Belle KL/Selangor Pet Sitter

Belle understands your cats better than anyone! She loves cats and understands them the best. Other than being pet sitter KL, she also raises funds for shelters.

Pets: Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds

Pet Size: 1-5kg

Traveling Distance: 5-20km

Rate: RM45/visit

Get Service: Belle KL/Selangor Pet Sitter

10. Amy Pet Sits

Amy has ample knowledge on basic grooming and administer medication to your pets. Her rate is relatively low, but she promises good service since she loves pets so much!

Pets: Cats, Dogs

Pet Size: 1-40kg

Traveling Distance: 5-20km

Rate: RM15/visit

Get Service: Amy Pet Sits

How much does a pet sitter cost in Malaysia?

A pet sitting price in Malaysia ranges from RM10-RM100 per visit/trip. The visiting hours vary according to the sitter. 

The pet sitter rate per visit might not include the traveling cost. For this, you can interact and get to know your preferred sitter first.

How to choose the best pet sitter?

In order to choose the best pet sitter for your needs, you can follow these steps:

  1. Number and types of pets. 
  2. Management of litter box(es). 
  3. Prepare a schedule or specific requests.
  4. Discuss number of visits and pet sitter price.
  5. Interact and discuss effectively.

What to expect from a pet sitter?

If it is your first time using a pet sitting service, you must feel nervous and don't know what to expect. Well, we got you covered.

  • Bond with your pets

If you want to make sure your pets feel comfortable around a perfect stranger, you can set a time for the sitter to meet them earlier. They can bond this way to eliminate any stress.

So, it is a good thing that you introduce your pets to the sitter first.

  • Willingness to travel

Most sitters are willing to travel, that's what a pet sitter does. However, be mindful of the traveling fees. It is hence best to find someone who stays near your home. 

  • Rates

One more important thing is the price for pet sitter. From the list, each sitter's rate differs. Just make sure the rate fits your budget and that the sitter is accepted by your pets.

Just a reminder, though, be clear with the quotation and methods of payment. We don't want anyone to get dissatisfied. 

  • Services

A cat sitter usually provides services like bathing your cats, litter cleaning, and even playing with them! You can check the services provided from each sitter's profile carefully. Finally, what's important is that your pets are happy while you're away.


In conclusion, as good as traveling sounds, you must make sure your pets are well taken care of. With the best pet sitters in KL and Selangor listed above, you're taking one worry off your mind and can enjoy your travels well. 

Finally, have fun traveling and stay composed while someone looks after your babies!

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