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2023 Guide: Top 6 Best Cat Vitamins or Supplements in Malaysia

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Table of content

However, as a pet owner, it can be challenging to know which cat health products are best for your cat or whether you should give them to your pet at all.

In this article, we'll look at whether your cat needs vitamins, the different types of cat vitamins, the cost, the top-recommended cat vitamins, and more.

Does my cat need vitamins?

The short answer is - not really. 

Commercial cat foods are made to provide all of the nutrients that a cat needs to thrive. In contrast to human diets, which can differ daily, most cats eat the same food every day. Pet food manufacturers design their diets with this assumption, eliminating the need for a daily multivitamin or supplement.

However, the problem stems from the fact that there are numerous brands of cat food, resulting in significant variation between them. The nutritional benefits of one brand may differ from those of another.

But there are instances when your cat could benefit from vitamins or supplements. If your cat becomes ill or exhibits symptoms of a vitamin deficiency, additional supplements can be added to its diet to ensure that all of its nutritional needs are met. Senior cats with health issues may also benefit from vitamins. However, you mustn't administer supplements without first consulting with your veterinarian.

when cats need vitamin supplement

When does my cat (actually) need vitamins or supplements?

If your cat shows vitamin deficiency signs, adding supplements to its diet might help. 
If your cat exhibits any of the following vitamin deficiency symptoms, please take them to a vet to be diagnosed and then begin their vitamin/supplement  journey:

1. Vitamin A deficiency

  • Unhealthy coat and skin
  • Night blindness
  • Weak demeanour

2.  Vitamin D  deficiency

  • Rickets
  • Increased heart issues

3. Vitamin E deficiency

  • Weak muscle
  • Heart dysfunction
  • Brown bowel syndrome in severe cases  (internal bleeding in the large intestine) 

4. Vitamin K deficiency

  • Unable to clot blood effectively
  • Intracavitary haemorrhage
  • Sudden hematomas (blood pools in organs and tissues)
  • In severe cases, death due to excessive blood loss

5. Vitamin B deficiency

  • Vitamin B1: Anorexia, Tremours, Bad vision, Seizures and Vomiting
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Weight loss, Alopecia, Cataracts, Testicular hypoplasia and Fatty liver
  • Vitamin B12: Lethargy, Nausea, Vomiting, Weight loss and Diarrhea

6. Calcium deficiency:

  • Tremors and twitching  in muscles
  • Feeling weak and restless
  • Irritable
  • Hypersensitive to sounds and lights

With all of that said, keep on reading to find out what's the current best vitamins and supplements for pets in Malaysia.

human vitamin and supplement for cats

How about multivitamins for cats?

If you frequently feed your cat home-cooked meals, you could consider giving them a daily multivitamin to ensure their dietary needs are met, as it may be difficult to measure the nutritional values of home-cooked meals.
In cases where your cat isn't getting enough vital nutrients, such as probiotics, omega fatty acids, and taurine, a cat multivitamin can be a quick and easy solution. It can also supplement the nutrients your cat is already getting from their daily meals.
That said, always consult your veterinarian before adding a multivitamin to your pet's diet!

Can I give my cat human vitamins and multivitamins? 

The answer is - absolutely not! 
Because human vitamins are not intended for animals, they may contain unsafe or toxic ingredients for your pets. It is best to give them cat vitamins and supplements that a veterinarian prescribes. If your cat inadvertently ingested human vitamins, please bring them in for a check-up and consult your veterinarian about the next steps.

Best vitamins & supplements for cats (as recommended by local vets)

Whether you’re looking for a cat multivitamin or a specialised formula for your feline’s unique needs, there’s a supplement for you and your kitty. Some supplements even come in tasty flavours for your cat to enjoy as a bonus. Below is a list of the best cat supplements in Malaysia.

best vitamins and supplements for cats

1. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Feline Probiotic Supplement

This delicious probiotic supplement powder is specially designed to promote normal intestinal microflora in diarrheal cats. It was developed in collaboration with researchers, veterinarians and animal nutritionists to contain a specific amount of live microorganisms to aid digestive health. This probiotic supplement powder is ideal for all breeds of cats at any stage of development and is created using a proprietary microencapsulation process for increased stability.
Price: Mid-range (~RM188 for 30 sachets)
Suitable for: Cats of all ages but especially those who suffer from digestive issues
Nutritional Content: Liver Flavor, Brewers Dried Yeast, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (Vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Beta-Carotene, Zinc Proteinate, Taurine, Salt, Manganese Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite

Where to buy: Ubuy | Shopee | Lazada

Best vitamins & supplements for cats

2. Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Multi For Cats

This all-in-one multivitamin comes in fish-flavoured chews and contains over 25 essential nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamin B, taurine, and essential minerals. This vitamin is an excellent addition to homemade or raw diets. 
Fish-flavoured chews
Price: Affordable (~RM36 for 30 chews)
Suitable for
: Cats of all ages
Nutritional Content: Brewers dried yeast, oat flour, rye flour, fish meal, glycerin, Arabic gum, calcium phosphate, canola oil, soy lecithin, fish oil concentrate, maltodextrin, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, water, safflower oil, taurine, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, dried citrus pulp, l-arginine, vitamin E supplement, potassium chloride, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, dl-methionine, niacinamide, sorbic acid (a preservative), magnesium oxide, vitamin B12 supplement, inositol, thiamine mononitrate, sodium selenite, d-calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, mixed tocopherols (a preservative),  propionic acid (a preservative), vitamin A supplement, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, pyridoxine

Where to buy: Shopee | Lazada

multivitamins for cats vetriscience

3. VetriScience Nu Cat™ Senior Multivitamin

This multivitamin supports your senior cat's overall health and wellness with its all-in-one formula that promotes cognitive, liver, cardiovascular, eye, digestive, and joint health. Our cats may require additional nutritional support as they age. 
Type: Fish-flavoured chews
Price: Affordable (~RM97 for 60chews)
Suitable for: Senior cats
Nutritional Content: Brewers dried yeast, dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, fish meal, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, taurine, l-arginine, l-lysine, vitamin E supplement, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, ascorbic acid, dl-methionine, safflower oil, fish oil, niacinamide, vitamin B12 supplement, inositol, thiamine mononitrate, magnesium oxide, d-calcium pantothenate, sodium selenite, riboflavin, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), copper sulfate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, manganese sulfate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, biotin, folic acid, calcium iodate, potassium chloride.

Where to buy: Ubuy | Lazada

Best supplements Rx Vitamins for Pets

4. Rx Vitamins for Pets - Essentials for Cats

This powder is loaded with vitamins and minerals. From vitamin A to potassium, it covers the essentials and more for your feline. This product also contains unique ingredients like spirulina and milk thistle, which help to protect your cat's cells and maintain liver function. And because this powder can be mixed into both dry and wet food, it makes life easier for pet owners!
Type: Powder
Mid to high range (~RM130 for 113g)
Suitable for: Cats of all ages
Nutritional Content: Vitamin A, Spirulina (blue-green algae), Milk Thistle, L-Taurine (pharmaceutical grade amino acid), Calcium (citrate), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), L-Methionine, GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), Pantothenic Acid (calcium pantothenate), Vitamin D (calciferol), Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol succinate), Vitamin B-1 (thiamine), Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin), Niacinamide, Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), Potassium (citrate), Kelp (natural source of iodine), Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin), Biotin, PABA, Magnesium (citrate), Zinc (picolinate), Selenium (selenomethionine), Defatted/Desiccated beef liver, Maltodextrin, Beflora (soy and FOS complex), Unrefined molasses crystals

Where to buy: Shopee | Lazada | Pureformulas

Gel supplements for pets  Nutriplus Gel For Pets

5. Nutriplus Gel For Pets (Cats & Dogs)

If your cat does not like tablets or chews, this is a novel way to give them supplements. This gel is intended to be easily administered via syringe or mixing it into their meals. Nutriplus gel is a multivitamin supplement for cats that boosts energy. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that are especially beneficial to young animals' growth. It can also aid in the maintenance of good skin and coat health.
Type: Gel
Price: Affordable (~RM 42 for 120.5g)
Suitable for: Cats of all ages
Nutritional content: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Thiamine HCI (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Pyridoxine HCL (B6), Cyanocobalamin (B12), Nicotinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Folic Acid, Iron, Iodine, Manganese, Magnesium

Where to buy: petloverscentre | Shopee | Lazada

Cosequin Nutramax Joint Health Supplements for Cats

6. Cosequin Nutramax Joint Health Supplements for Cats

This product promotes joint health in cats and claims to provide long-term benefits after 4-6 weeks. Nutramax's proprietary glucosamine and chondroitin molecules ensure maximum bioavailability. Manganese is also included, promoting bone density and health in senior cats. Its patented FCHG49 glucosamine and TRH122 chondroitin molecules have been extensively researched to ensure maximum absorption and positive effects in dogs and our feline friends.
Type: Sprinkle Capsules
Price: Affordable (~RM 117 for 80 capsules)
Suitable for: Cats of all ages
Nutritional content: Glucosamine Hydrochloride 125mg, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 100mg, Manganese 1mg

Where to buy:  Shopee | Lazada


We hope you now better understand the significance of vitamin supplements for your cats. The first step in starting a supplement journey for your fur kid is to consult with your veterinarian about the product you want to introduce to your pets.

Pet insurance could be a good investment if your cat frequently displays vitamin deficiency.
Note:  Oyen Pet Insurance does not cover supplement-related vet bills. They are considered preventive treatments, which fall under the insurance policy's exclusion areas.

Have you ever considered how much your cat adores you? If you love cats, you know the answer is "a lot." Cats are some of the most affectionate and loving animals on the planet, and they are also one of the most popular household pets.