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Claims Checklist

We hope that your pet feels better soon.

Do read this detailed claims checklist to help us speed up your claims processing.

Claims Checklist

Visit any vet to treat your pet
Get a detailed bill with name of all medication and itemised billing
Get the diagnosis (illness name) and cause from your vet doctor
Submit your claim online
Read detailed guide below
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Claims checklist

The more complete your information and documents are, the faster we can process your claims. It is important that the right information is on the vet receipts.

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You don't need to inform us before seeking vet treatment, you can immediately bring your pet to the vet if they are ill/injured.

  • You can go to any registered vet in Malaysia!
  • We reimburse 90% of your vet bills after exclusions
  • There is a 30 days waiting period for illness claims, remember to check your policy start date
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After the visit, do get an itemised vet receipt from your vet. An itemised receipt means the bill contains breakdown of all the items charged.

This is extremely important for us to process your claim. You bill needs to include:

Your pet’s name
Your name
Vet clinic name
Itemised billing (each item charged and their price)
Each medication's name
Date of treatment & diagnosis (name of illness)
Microchip ID (For pet dog)
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Do get more details about the diagnosis/illness and what caused it from the doctor as this is required for your claims.
Here are the questions you can ask:

  • What is the Diagnosis/Condition/Illness Name?
  • What caused the condition/illness? (if not known for certain, you can ask the vet what could have potentially caused it)
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Answer a few simple questions and upload receipts from your vet visit. If you have any follow-ups from the same condition, ideally combine all the receipts and submit them all together.

  • Log into your Oyen account
  • Click on "Claim now"
  • Answer the claims form questions
  • Upload your bill and any additional documents you have
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We will then work with our insurance partner to review your claim. The processing time usually takes about 3-4 weeks.

We are always on your side to help you the best that we can! If you need any help, you can always WhatsApp or Call us.

We hope your furkid gets well soon.

  • You can check your claim's status via our claim history page in the dashboard
  • Your approved reimbursement will be transferred into the bank account you save in your Oyen account
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