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Trusted #1 Pet Insurance in Malaysia

4.8/5 stars on
Full claim of almost RM7k of my eldest furkid for emergency treatment before he passed away. No hassle. I paid upfront, and claims were reimbursed after 1 month. Oyen has provided very quick responsive support. Thank you Ayin! I can feel the love you have for pets through our interactions
Eugene Tham
I have to say, you SHOULD subscribe to this insurance for your furkids!!!! They are very responsive, the process to register and claim was very smooth! This is my cat’s second year with OYEN! Love everything about them. Their customer service was also very helpful. And my claim process was very simple, quick and easy. I once claimed for my cat’s broken nail and they were very helpful and they even message me after a few days asking about the update on my cat’s condition. Never encountered any problems with them in this two years! Will definitely continue using their service in the future years!
Mizan Qistina
This is my first year with Oyen, it's the best service I've ever experienced especially with insurance. If only i could say the same for human insurance services.
Deborah Jeromiah
Honestly I must say getting my chihuahua Sonny insured with Oyen MSIG is one of the best decision I have made in my life and also Sonny’s life.Recently my boy was diagnosed with a heart condition and was put under medication for the rest of his life.After the vet visit,I had contacted Thara- one of Oyen’s customer service representative and boy I kid you not, I have received one of the most outstanding customer service as they were ever so prepared and willing to assist me with any questions that I had regarding Sonny’s condition.A million thanks to everyone on Oyen’s wonderful team for your accessible and exceptional assistance. I can’t thank you enough, well done!Love,Sonny and I.
Reyn Y
Really had good experiences with this insurance , the process is straightforward and simple , got my fund within 5 working days after claim. Most important thing is my furbaby tamtam now is healthy after getting treatment. Shout to KK (customer service) for your excellent service for my Tamtam
Asakir Hafiz
One of the best decisions I have made to protect my furkid - get her insured. Had been surveying the market for the best insurance company that can give her the best protection and I would say Oyen Pet Insurance is just perfect.I claimed twice for my puppy's medical fee, and the process was easy, smooth, and fast. Was assisted by Thara and Kartene, who are really informative and helpful. Thanks a lot!For pawrents who are considering getting your babies insured, Oyen would be your best choice :)
Leong Cheng Yee
I'm glad i made the right decision to purchase the insurance for my 2 cats. My cat fractured both his hip joints recently and required surgery. Cost was roughly RM3k but my claim was approved 90%.
Parames Mano
Proses pendaftaran yang mudah, proses claim juga mudah. Saya telah mendaftar insurans Oyen untuk 6 ekor kucing kesayangan saya, setiap kali mereka ada masalah kesihatan, saya cuma perlu membayar 10% sahaja dari jumlah bil dan Oyen membayar selebihnya. Terima kasih Oyen.
Sharina Adam
Excellent service, professional handling of claims and fast hassle-free reimbusements. I'm very impressed!! I guess I'm gonna be a lifetime (My furkid's lifetime that is) client :-)
Aaron Fernandez
One of the best decisions i've ever made! Oyen has been wonderful since the very beginning. Super responsive and very friendly. Claiming process is very easy and very fast. I will give Oyen 7 stars instead of 5!
Glenn Rialto
I have been so touched by the personal service and prompt responses received by the Oyen team. Any questions posed were always promptly answered.
Sofiah Rahman
Thank you Fikri for assisting me and helped me answer all of my questions regarding the policy. I was so satisfied with the answers which was regulatory and law related and he took it like a champ !! I immediately signed up for the policy ! Also great initiatives from the founders for developing this (psstt.. when are you guys going to crowdfund I believe in your business so much I want to invest :D)
Intan Nabilaa Idrus
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You can claim for

Vet Bills

For any unexpected illness, accidents, injuries and emergencies. Includes consultation, diagnosis, surgery, prescribed medication, treatment and tests.

Third Party Injury

For when your pet accidentally damages properties of others or injures them (or their pet). Includes legal fees, compensation and medical costs that may arise.

Farewell Cost

For saying goodbye to your pet. Includes pet cremation, burial costs and plot, funeral expenses and columbarium.

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We Cover a Wide Range of Illnesses and Injuries

Accidents & Injuries
Accidents, Broken Bones
Chronic Kidney Disease
Ear Infections
Eye Diseases
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)
Feline Upper Respiratory Disease
Flu, Fever, Diarrhoea
Heart Diseases
High Rise Syndrome
Skin Diseases

This is just a reference list of pet illnesses and injuries. The final approval of claims is subjected to terms and conditions of Oyen's policy.

Vet bills we cover when your pet falls ill or get injured

Vet Consultation
Diagnosis & Tests
X-Ray & Ultrasound
Prescribed Medication
Vet Clinic Overnight Stay
Follow-Up Treatments

How much can your vet bills cost?

Data based on actual Oyen claims!*

Check out common illnesses based on your pet’s type and estimate the costs incurred for those illnesses based on your furkid’s age.

Tell me more about your furkid

Type of furkid
Breed of furkid
Age of furkid
Pick an illness to see
Your phone number
Your email address
*Our vet bill is based on an estimation only. Please refer to your vet for more accurate information. Policy terms and conditions apply
RM -
How much you can claim with Oyen (90% paid back to your pocket)
RM -
You only pay RM -
Claim from ANY vet
*Our vet bill is based on an estimation only. Please refer to your vet for more accurate information. Policy terms and conditions apply
What are you waiting for?
Get your furkid a pawrfect plan now!
From only RM32/month
Check eligibilityEstimate another vet bill
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Oyen Claims Stories

- Bruce (Mixed Breed Cat)

Bruce has a flu and is sneezing

A simple flu that led to hospitalisation. Medication included antihistamine, eye drops, anti-inflammatory pills, antibiotics, flu jab.

- Mochi (Persian)

Mochi's left eye was getting redder

He had high pressure (99 points) on his left eye. The vet believes it is glaucoma caused by hypertension. An ECG and ultrasound later found that his liver was misplaced in the wrong position!

- Onyom (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

Onyom was found peeing blood

The vet found bladder stones in Onyom through an x-ray! A Cystotomy surgery was performed to remove them.


Our plan

Discounts for your fur-mily
Get 10% off yearly plans for extra pets in one transaction
monthly and yearly plans available!
Up to 90% reimbursement rate
Takaful plans available
No medical checkup needed before getting insured
No claim discount up to 15% OFF
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Vet bill limit (Annual)
Up to RM8,000/year
Clinic procedures we cover:
Surgical fees
Consultation fees
Diagnostic tests (Blood test, x-ray, ultrasound)
Prescribed medication
Surgery follow ups
Up to 60 days
Clinic overnight stays
Third party liability
*subject to deductibles
Burial cost
Only yearly plans are eligible for the No Claims Discount (NCD) during renewal and Multi-Pet Discount
  1. There will be a 30 day waiting period that begins on your policy start date. Any illnesses or symptoms that occur during the waiting period will not be covered.
  2. Our pet insurance is designed to help you when your furry friend is unexpectedly injured or ill. We do not cover pre-existing conditions and congenital diseases.
  3. Commission of 25% that is inclusive within the premium will be payable to Oyen for providing insurance advice & claims assistance/services to you when you purchase a policy through this site. Otherwise please visit
  4. The benefit(s) payable under eligible product is protected by PIDM up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s TIPS Brochure or contact MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd or PIDM.
*Policy terms and conditions apply

Claim with Convenience

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Visit any vet in Malaysia

Visit any licensed vet in Malaysia with an Annual Practising Certificate (APC)

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Submit your claim online

Submit your vet receipt and information about your furbaby's vet visit in your Oyen account

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Get paid directly

We pay directly into your bank account in 3-4 weeks

What's not included?

We value transparency and want to be upfront with you about what's not covered in your plan

  • Any illness/symptom during the first 30-day waiting period
  • Congenital conditions & Hereditary Conditions*
  • Dental-related treatments (except for accidents)
  • Grooming, nail clipping, anal gland expression
  • Pet food, vitamins, supplements
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Preventative and routine treatments
  • Removal of foreign object
  • Spaying/Neutering/Castration/Pregnancy
  • Illnesses caused by fleas, worms, tapeworms, ticks, mites

Meet our happy Oyen Fam!

Jehan Omar
Furparent of Siti Kylie & Nurul Kendall
When I first adopted 2 stray cats (Siti Kylie and Nurul Kendall), I was worried the financial commitment that would inevitably come with their health care costs. Once, Siti Kylie fell sick, and I was shocked at the bill that came! The fact that I can purchase the coverage online with Oyen makes the process super convenient!
Aiman Kamal
Furparent of Budi & Nadi
Oyen provides me with the peace of mind that my cats (Budi and Nadi) are always protected. Major plus point - it took me just a few minutes to apply with Oyen online!
Yvonne Chin
Furparent of Bailey
I purchased the insurance plan for my Golden Retriever. This has been one of the best decisions I made. The support staff were very friendly and prompt in their response. Each time a submission was made, they got back to me super fast. Submission of my claims are 90% and have definitely saved me a lot with my puppy's medical expenses. Would definitely recommend it.
Razim Zakri
Proud Parent of Ally
I am relieved that there is finally an insurance policy for my beloved cat, Ally. I am comforted knowing that if something unfortunate were to happen, I have Oyen to help reduce some of the financial burden I might face.
Joannemarie Liew
Proud Parent of Caramel
My experience with Oyen has been very positive. Their team has been extremely helpful and attentive. I made a claim for my cat and I got a response from Sarah in less than three hours and my claim is confirmed on the same day!
Dr. Jegatheeban
Proud Parent of Yuki
Thank you for the fast processing and hassle free claims application. Was like a breeze. Took less than 3 days from my application to approve. As first time taking this policy, I will renew for peace of mind from hefty bills for my furry love.

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