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What we do not cover

Before moving on, we want to be upfront about what we exclude, and what you will not be able to claim for. This applies to all our plans.

What is not covered under Personal Accident benefit?

Fees or charges for repairs to dental work involving the use of precious metals, dental treatment/repairs where the cause is due to normal wear and tear or normal maintenance of dental health.

Also, any injuries arising from manual work in connection with any trade, employment and profession.

What is not covered under Medical and other expenses benefit?

For follow up treatments, we will not cover it if the treatment is after 45 days from your return to Malaysia, incurred overseas, or when you’re on a domestic trip.

What is not covered under personal money and authorised use of card?

Robbery or theft of personal money, credit or debit card left unattended in a public place or as a result of your failure to take care and precaution for the safeguard and security of such money.

Cash which are recoverable from your credit or debit card provider or for which you receive or are expected to receive compensation or reimbursement.

What’s not covered under travel cancellation?

If the cause of cancellation is due to your failure to obtain the required passport or visa, your financial circumstances,Travel cancellation for travel insurance policy that was purchased less than seven (7) days to the commencement date of your journey.

For full information of policy coverage and exclusions, download our Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Wording


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