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Oyen Cybersecurity Terms of Use

In line with Paragraph 10(1) Schedule 8 Financial Services Act, the following 3 items must be disclosed by Policy Holder (i.e. telco) to the Named Insured (i.e. telco subscriber) when Named Insured is signing up or completing the telco service agreement form:

  • The Pacific Insurance Berhad (TPIB) is the licensed insurer offering the insurance product
  • The relationship between Policy Holder and TPIB
  • Premium is charged for this insurance product (amount payable upon request)
  • Oyen Digital Sdn Bhd (Oyen) is the authorised agent and scheme manager of the insurance product

You hereby acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Use, Product Disclosure Sheet and understood the policy terms and conditions stated in the policy and wish to proceed with the purchase of this policy.

You must take reasonable care not to misrepresent when answering questions herein or in any request made by Oyen and check the information you have provided is complete and accurate. You should also disclose all relevant information which may influence Oyen in the acceptance of this insurance, decide the terms and the premium you will pay. If you do not take reasonable care and the information provided by you is incomplete or inaccurate, this may affect your claim. Your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information when requested by Oyen shall continue until the time of you entering into, making changes to or renewing your insurance. Unless renewed, the coverage will cease on expiry date and we shall strictly not be liable for any expenses that take place after the expiry date.

With respect to personal information submitted , you hereby consent to Oyen to process your personal information for the purpose of processing your application. Where applicable, you also confirm that you have obtained the consent from the person(s) named herein and that you are duly authorized to disclose their personal information herein. For more information our Privacy Policy, please read our Terms of Use.