Policy Coverage

What's covered

Flu, Fever and Diarrhoea
Urinary Tract Disease
Kidney Diseases
Skin or Ear Infections
Respiratory Diseases
Heart Diseases
FIV and FeIV
High Rise Syndrome
Burial or Cremation Costs
Third Party Liability
Accidents and Injuries

What's not covered

Pre-existing Conditions
Preventive/ Routine Treatment
Any illness during the 14 day waiting period
Dental Diseases
Congenital Conditions
Foreign Object Ingestion
Pregnancy/ Breeding Activities
Cost of Aids and Prosthesis
Non-essential Boarding
For complete policy coverage and exclusion, please refer to Oyen's Policy Wording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet need to go for a medical examination before I can buy them a policy?
Unlike medical insurance for humans, a pet medical examination will not be needed before buying a pet insurance policy.
How will I get reimbursed?
Once your claim is approved, MSIG will transfer the claims amount (less co-payment) directly to your bank account saved in your user profile. Please make sure to update your accurate bank details (Same Legal Name as Policy).
Any deadline to submit my claim?
We suggest to file the claim as soon as possible, however, we do have a 7 days deadline from the date of incident for you to submit the claim via our website.
Can I claim from visit to any vet clinic in Malaysia?
Yes, you may submit claims from any registered vet clinic in Malaysia. A vet clinic in Malaysia is defined as a registered veterinary surgeon registered with Malaysia Veterinary Council in accordance with the Veterinarian Surgeons Act 1974.
Still can't find your answer?
Visit our FAQ page at help.oyen.my or contact us at hello@oyen.my.

Annual Premium
Policy Start Date
Vet Medical Benefits
Third Party Liability Limit
Burial Cost
Claims Reimbursement Rate (Medical)